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Jason Jany, Ryan ChristophersonField (Wells)#6657 Boulder Lakes. Eagan, MN12/06/20177Housekeeping

The poly enclosures, around the building are ripping out due to the high winds. 2x4 and other objects can fall off the poly.

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Jared BeltrandField (Wells)10 West09/01/20208Fall Hazard

Employee was seen standing on top of a conex box with no fall protection.

Completed01/09/2020View / Edit Details
Tom PetersonField (Wells)10 West05/19/20206Ergonomics

Trip hazard on loose rock near job shack.

Completed05/19/2020View / Edit Details
Jesse HillerField (Wells)10 West05/13/20208Other

Stack Column at 10 West had a failure at stack column. Email was already sent to all and we have a plan moving forward.

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Tom PetersonField (Wells)10 West / #708206/11/20205Unsafe Operation

Cutting out brick on the 9th floor at 10 West without having tools tethered.

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Tom PetersonField (Wells)10 West / #708207/12/20205Other

Field Services employee informed me today that they tested positive for Covid-19.

Completed12/07/2020View / Edit Details
Sam hopEast Div. Sealants10 west 708208/27/20208Fall Hazard

Cords are out on stairwell and up high for a trip hazard.

Completed08/28/2020View / Edit Details
Rob weissField (Wells)10 west link St. Louis park05/22/20209Other

Incorrect bolt used on shoe for wall jack

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Jake RandallEast Div. Sealants10 west parking structure11/03/20209Fall Hazard

Wind blew off safety grate on top deck

Completed11/03/2020View / Edit Details
Patrick McCarthyRosemount100-gallon gas tanks08/01/20187Other

Need secondary containment under 100-gallon non-oxygenated gas tank. Current containment unit does not meet sump volume requirement unless used with second unit. Also rotate the containment units to ensure drain faces forward (South).

Completed08/16/2018View / Edit Details
Tom VanekMidwest1703303/14/20186Safe Equipment Operations

Labor put ladder up to low

Completed03/14/2018View / Edit Details
Tom VanekMidwest1703303/13/20185Other

Frozen ground in the morning mud in the afternoon

Completed03/14/2018View / Edit Details
Tom VanekMidwest1704602/19/20186Safe Equipment Operations

General brought in another crane to pull sheet piling

Completed02/19/2018View / Edit Details
Tom VanekMidwest1704602/13/20187Safe Equipment Operations

Cord on hilti drill cracked

Completed02/13/2018View / Edit Details
Tom VanekMidwest1704602/12/20186Safe Equipment Operations

Controlling access zone sign came off ladder

Completed02/12/2018View / Edit Details
Tom VanekMidwest1704602/08/20187Safe Equipment Operations

Employee grabbed wrong chokers to pick heavy piece of plank

Completed02/08/2018View / Edit Details
Tom VanekMidwest1705704/16/20186Housekeeping

15 inch’s of snow

Completed04/17/2018View / Edit Details
Tom VanekMidwest1705704/11/20186Safe Equipment Operations

Grouting deck

Completed04/12/2018View / Edit Details
Tom VanekMidwest1705704/04/20186Other


Completed04/05/2018View / Edit Details
Tom VanekMidwest1705704/02/20186Safe Equipment Operations

Grouting plank

Completed04/05/2018View / Edit Details
Tom VanekMidwest1705703/27/20186Safe Equipment Operations

Excavation company was moving some rebar out of our way when he raised the forks on skid steer the forks fell off

Completed03/28/2018View / Edit Details
Tom VanekMidwest1705703/26/20185PPE

Employee had high vis shirt no reflection tape made him put on vest

Completed03/27/2018View / Edit Details
Jeff KemperAlbany1st production bay01/24/20196Safe Equipment Operations

Employee was hard troweling on the FS 9. The cable and hook used to move the troweling machine was hanging down from the over head crane in an area where the employee could walk into it while troweling the panel.

Completed01/24/2019View / Edit Details
Jeff KemperAlbany1st Production Bay11/02/20173Housekeeping

The guys were pouring on the FS9 and one of the guys left a shovel lay in the walk area causing a trip hazard.

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Jeff KemperAlbany1st production bay FS 1603/25/20193Housekeeping

The bed looks like a work bench. There are tools and misc. items scattered on the bed.

Completed04/01/2019View / Edit Details
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