Skye at Arbor Lakes Phase II


Location: Maple Grove, MN
General Contractor: Stonebridge Construction Inc.
Architect: Humphrey’s Partners Architects Florida LLC
Structural Engineer: Humphrey’s Partners Architects LLC

Description:  Located in Maple Grove, Sky at Arbor Lakes consists of a rectangular, total precast concrete parking structure which is completely surrounded by a wood-framed, four-story apartment complex. This style of building is called the Texas donut, and works well to keep the parking structure temperature controlled, and adds convenience through the tenants’ ability to park on the same floor as their apartment. The parking ramp has a capacity of 460 cars, with one subterranean level and four levels of supported parking, plus a roof.

The precast concrete ramp was built first on a cast-in-place concrete foundation. Precast components included 20 beams, 6 columns, 220 double tees, 2 solid slabs, 2 spandrels, 16 stairs, 14 stitch walls, 165 wall panels, and 10 planks. The double tees span 60 feet, and strand and rebar reinforcement in the precast concrete utilize recycled steel. The perimeter walls of the garage are 10-inch solid precast concrete panels that, along with a one- to two-inch gap between the precast and the stick framing of apartments, meets the fire separation requirements.


Apartment developments in Minnesota are commonly built with a single level of underground parking below three-to-five levels of stick-framed apartments. When you return from shopping you have to take your groceries to an elevator and then up to the level of your apartment. At the Skye at Arbor Lakes, you can park on the same level as your apartment.

Gary Pooley of Wells Concrete