St. Louis County’s new Government Center is becoming the community corner stone with nearly 70,000 SF of precast concrete!

St. Louis County Government Center

Virginia, MN
General Contractor:
Max Gray Construction
DSGW Architects
Northland Consulting Engineers LLP
St. Louis County

The St. Louis County Government Services Center is a community corner stone located in downtown Virginia, Minnesota. The project has three distinct design goals: to welcome the community, to be safe for the staff and public, and to be a healthy building – in terms of both sustainability and the people using it.

With twelve county agencies located within the 61,000 sf building, not only is staff and public safety a concern, but so is the confidentiality of the information housed. To address this concern, the building was designed with a ‘public concourse’ on the first floor where the public can interact with a St. Louis County staff member or use the meeting spaces. The main public entry and concourse area is separate from the staff access.

Once complete, the GSC North will be a two-story, 63,000 square foot facility, and will serve as a centralized hub for people in Virginia and surrounding areas to access county services from more than 10 departments in one place. Approximately 180 employees will work in the building.

Wells Concrete manufactured and erected nearly 70,000 sq. ft of precast concrete. The architect’s inspiration was drawn from the natural beauty of the Iron Range including iron ore and timber industries for the interior and exterior finish selections of the building.  This resulted in using insulated architectural precast walls for the facade with a mix of acid etch, sandblast, thin brick and formliners to compete the design inspiration.  Ultra-span hollowcore plank, flat structural and structural wall panels supported the interior of the building.


Products Used Finishes & Colors Used # of Precast Members # of Square Feet
Wall panels, columns, spandrels, hollowcore Acid Etch, Sandblast, Formliner, Thin brick, formliner, architectural mix 499 67,335


Product                                                             Pieces    Sq. ft

Insulated Architectural Wall Panels 13″X10′      22           744
Insulated Architectural Wall Panels 13″X12′      14           1,521
Insulated Architectural Wall Panels 13″X12′      24           10,460 SF
Insulated Architectural Columns 13″X4′             16           2,539 SF
Insulated Architectural Spandrels 13″X7            11           1,864 SF
Floor Spandrels 13″X8′                                           16           3,008 SF
Stair Towers 13″X8′                                                 10           1,279 SF
Roof Spandrels 13″X9.333′                                    16           3,508 SF
Structural Wall Panels 8″X10′                              16           5,726 SF
Flat Slab 6″                                                               15           1,688 SF
Hollowcore Plank 8″                                             328         30,291 SF

For more information about this project, contact Rick Ostgard or Scott Gates.