St. Luke’s Ambulance Garage Ramp

Location:Duluth, MN
Owner:St. Luke’s Hospital

St. Luke’s celebrated the next phase of its campus expansion; the $37.5 million project includes a new Emergency Department (ED), which will be triple the size of the current space. There will be 37 exam rooms total. They will consist of 27 patient rooms with televisions and USB charging outlets, four state-of-the-art trauma bays, four dedicated behavioral health rooms and two triage rooms. The entire space is designed to decrease wait times, ensure privacy and provide a premier patient experience.

The 15-month project also includes a new Cath Lab with cardiac support services, imaging suites and helistop in St. Luke’s Building A. The interior portion of construction will involve 60,000 square feet. The exterior portion will include 73,000 square feet with the construction of the helistop and parking ramp. It will all be designed by architect and contractor Erdman. 

Additional highlights of the project include an indoor, heated ambulance garage, a security station at the main entrance of the ED, a lab and pharmacist embedded in the ED, covered parking and decontamination room with 8 stations. Construction is expected to be completed in July 2020.

Well Concrete erected and manufactured nearly 60,000 sq. ft of precast concrete for the parking structure portion of this project. The interior of the ramp is support by beams, columns, solid walls and double tees.  The exterior spandrels boast of mix of acid etch and thin brick finishes.

Products Sq. ft. #
Beam Inverted T 486 14
Column Haunch 390 7
Column Pocketed 36 1
Double Tee 12’ 42,817 76
Other 15 118
Wall Architectural Solid  Thin Brick Spandrels 13,025 83
Wall Structural Solid 2,311 7
Totals 59,080 306

For more information on this project, please contact Rick Ostgard.