Successful installation of Integrity Windows by Marvin – Partnership Progresses

Just over a year ago, Wells announced its partnership with Marvin Windows to exclusively offer Integrity Windows and Doors’ window products, installed at all our production facilities prior to shipping to job-sites.

Since that time, we have installed and are in the process of installing Integrity Windows in a variety of projects. With this process, Wells delivers a largely enclosed envelope very early in the building process, which reduces the amount of potentially conflicting activity on the job-site.  Wells installs the windows in a safe, controlled environment to not only deliver a high quality window installation, but also reduce the potential for job-site injuries. The result of these three items furthers our ability to deliver a superior product and service at a competitive price.

Integrity Window Projects

Blattner Energy  – Avon, MN

This project has more than 100,000 square feet of precast concrete, including 12’ wide insulated architectural wall panels boasting a sandblast and water wash finish. Double tees, columns, beams, and 12’ wide structural wall panels completed the precast construction.  Thirty-three Integrity windows were installed in our Grand Forks plant and shipped to the Avon job-site.  Because the windows are installed in the plant, they are completely enclosed within one panel, two of the windows were field installed, as they ended up being on a joint between the panels.

The client chose to utilize Integrity windows because they were very focused on energy conservation so they liked the fiberglass properties. This was also a fast tracked project, the client liked the idea of having the building being completely enclosed once Wells was done onsite. Wells had an advantage on this project because the majority of the structure was precast, including the roof. There was only one area that will be out of other materials and that didn’t have to be completed right away.


Wells Concrete – Wells, MN

Wells decided to replace all of the aluminum windows in the Wells, MN office because they were old and leaking. The windows throughout the entire building were replaced with 45 Integrity windows.  The windows come with a few color options for the outside, but a standard white option for the interior; Wells had the interior ones painted an ebony to match the office décor.

Original Painted

Integrity Windows were selected for this project because of their thermal capabilities as well as the ease of installation.  For an example of the ease of installation, watch this time lapse video. Note how long it takes to remove the aluminum window and how many pieces the window has vs how quickly and easily it was to install the fiberglass window.

Some of our design friends tell us they have concerns about the look of a “vinyl” or fiberglass window in their designs. Comparing the photo below, can you identify which window is fiberglass and which one is aluminum?

Cemstone Central Maintenance Facility – South St. Paul, MN

Wells installed 11 Integrity Windows in the wall panels of the maintenance facility.  The client worked with our sales team to discuss window options and determined these windows would be a good fit.  The client saw value in having natural light in their facility, which the windows would provide.  The contractor appreciated having less trades on job-site, which provided an overall safer environment.

Mock-up Sample Building – Rosemount, MN, Albany, MN, Grand Forks, ND

Three Integrity Windows were preinstalled in our Mock up Sample Buildings.  In the first panel, the window is framed in the center of the panel with a projecting header, a sill feature and the jambs are flush with the brick. In the center panel, a preinstalled window is framed in the center. The window is framed with a 4-inch smooth flush band. On the last panel, a sandbast finish and thin brick surround the window, and the window opening uses return brick to finish off the exposed exterior of the opening.

Comments from our clients:

  • “The integral windows is intriguing for multiple reasons (safety onsite, pre-hung enclosure for winter heat, etc.). May be worth looking into for more reasons than just the cost of windows. A wall system warranty may be worth looking into.” Mike Benike, Benike Construction
  • “Windows put in place at the plant is a very cool feature.” Justin Krukow, ERA
  • “Getting the window installed would be great for winter construction.” Will Forbord, Loeffler Construction
  • “Presetting of the windows could be beneficial to projects. Not only will it save the project cost by eliminating field labor, it is also a cost driver.” Joe Ngaima, Mortenson Construction


Preinstalled windows are not a good fit for every project designed and constructed, but one fact remains clear: there is always a place in the market for improved schedule, leaner construction methods, condensed trades on the jobsite, and improved thermal capabilities.

About Integrity Windows and Doors

Integrity Windows and Doors is the world’s largest and most experienced manufacturer of windows and doors made with Ultrex® — a state-of-the-art pultruded fiberglass material. They didn’t just join the fiberglass revolution — they pioneered it. Their heritage as part of the Marvin Family of Brands is built on more than a century of excellence and expertise. Based in Fargo, N.D., Integrity offers a comprehensive line of window and door products that are Built to Perform® and backed by first-class customer service. For more information, visit