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Webinar: Precast for Schools and ICC-500, Storm Shelters

Educational Facilities are a vital part of the fabric of our society that directly contributes to what our future will be. These are places where upcoming generations learn more than just math and science, they learn about people, life, and develop key life skills. They are safe havens for a community. Participants will learn how to design and build high performance schools, which provide energy efficiency, safety and resiliency, as well as reduce life cycle costs. This discussion includes information on ICC-500 guidelines while exploring available alternative design options for Hardened Construction volumes within a school building. The attributes of precast concrete will be presented, demonstrating how these qualities are inherent to the design and construction of safe and efficient storm shelter facilities.
Learn more about schools and ICC-500: https://info.wellsconcrete.com/schools_icc500
Speakers: Gary Pooley, Jon Feist, and Curt Gear
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