Twin Cities German Immersion School

Location:St. Paul
Contractor:RJM Construction
Architect:Rivera Architects, Inc
Engineer:Ericksen Roed and Associates, Inc.
Owner:Twin Cities German Immersion School

The Twin Cities German Immersion School first opened in 2005. It was then and remains now the only German-language charter school in Minnesota and one of only a few nationwide. By the time the school’s inaugural class got to 5th grade, the student population at TCGIS was 191 students and rising. The school has moved twice already in their short history, and find once again need more room and plan to make this next enlargement their last. The addition will complement the original school building in height, massing and material selection.

Wells is produced and is currently erecting nearly 100 pieces of precast concrete for this project. The precast materials include architectural insulated wall panels with red brick inlay, which are the same color and pattern as the 2013 addition. 

The glazed blue brick between the cafeteria and the 2013 addition is intended to be a backdrop for an art installation. Showcasing work from either known public artists or from TCGIS students. The glazing at grade level will let natural light into the new gym, which starts 8′ below grade. The increased daylight in the new cafeteria will be a welcome upgrade from current conditions.  Two more areas are reserved for public art installations – these could showcase historical markers, art from the community at large, or art from TCGIS students.

ProductSquare Feet Pieces
Double Tee7,0799
Architectural Insulated Wall9,97434
Architectural Solid Wall3427
Structural Insulated Wall1,99710
Structural Solid Wall4,51621

For more information on this project, please contact Gary Pooley.