Advanced Formliners Featured at Monroe County Economic Development Conference

Wells Concrete is proud to be a partner with Shane Calmes business Advanced Formliners in LaCrosse, WI for architectural precast production and proudly built their new headquarters designed and built to showcase their product.

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[Video Transcribed from News 8000 WKBT – LaCrosse]

What started as a local county conference has grown into a statewide event to help further Wisconsin”s businesses. News 8″s Leah Linscheid was in Sparta today for the conference, and joins us in the newsroom with more. This is the third year Monroe County has held its own economic development conference.It is time to whip out the best in the best free slot machines online. In its first two years, the venue sold out.  This year, the conference set up shop at Fort McCoy to offer more space, and more opportunities for Wisconsin businesses to grow.  Shane Calmes owns his own company in the construction industry, created back in 2007.  We have a unique product – the product is to make textures in the concrete or embed bricks in the concrete.  Based out of La Crosse, he”s been a part of familiar buildings like Western Tech”s newest parking garage. But his footprint stretches far outside of western Wisconsin.  The majority of our projects have been all over the country.  We”ve been doing a lot in Florida, just landed a Texas A & M Stadium.They”ve started here, they”ve built here, they”ve grown here, they”ve expanded here, and not only expanded building-wise but their markets have gone nationwide and in some cases, globally.  Calmes is one of several start-ups attending Monroe County”s Economic Development conference, offering a chance to learn from their peers.  This conference offers me the ability to connect with other people, it offers the concept of knowing what Wisconsin offers for incentives for small businesses like me.  Networking is a big part of it, because you”re hearing from people who have been there, done that. They”re willing to share some of their success stories and maybe some of the struggles and maybe help you not make some of the mistakes that maybe they did.  The conference also featured a keynote address from Governor Scott Walker, who calls start-ups like Calmes” company, a must-have for Wisconsin”s business climate. If you look nationwide most of the net job increase across the country is gonna come from new business starting up or from small businesses building. Business owners like Calmes are hoping to leave the conference with a renewed sense of where they want  their company to go, and how best to get there.  Among other business topics, the conference also featured sessions on how to further tourism here in western Wisconsin and across the state. Businesses from a dozen different counties in Wisconsin were at today”s event at Fort McCoy, with more than 200 people in attendance altogether.