Whey Dryer erection week 12 demonstrates innovative precast concrete driven solutions from the inside out

Agropur Whey Dryer / Expansion

Lake Norden, SD
General Contractor:
Miron Construction Co., Inc.
E. A. Bonelli + Associates, Inc.

Agropur to triple capacity of Lake Norden cheese plant as one of South Dakota’s largest dairy plants, they will be capable to producing three times as much cheese once a major expansion project is complete.

The $250 million Agropur expansion will have an estimated $1 billion economic impact on the state. Construction began in fall 2017 and is expected to be complete in early 2019. The plant won’t run at full capacity right away. Agropur will grow into it based on milk supply and demand for its products. Once complete, the Lake Norden plant will be the largest of Agropur’s 39 processing plants.

The plant will be capable of processing more than 9 million pounds of milk daily, making 1 million pounds of cheese and 540,000 pounds of whey powder. Currently, the plant makes mozzarella, provolone, parmesan and cheddar cheese. It supplies all of the mozzarella to the Papa Murphy’s take and bake pizza chain east of the Rocky Mountains. The cheese plant opened in 2003 as an addition to Lake Norden’s whey processing plant.

Wells Concrete manufactured and erected more than 400,000 sq. ft. of precast for the Lake Norden project. Products produced for this project include haunch and stick columns; rectangular, inverted T and ledge beams; rectangular spandrels; solid slabs; double tees; and structural insulated and solid walls.

Our precast concrete structural and envelope systems are able to meet the demands of projects like this one by providing cost-effective open spans, smooth and ledge free surfaces, meets USDA surface standards, fire resistance, and durable, low maintenance building envelopes.

Product Sq. Ft. # Pieces
Arch Insul Wall 10,097 41
Double Tee Wall 7,744 22
Flat Architectural 10 2
Haunch Column 6,227 71
Hollowcore 5,491 61
Inverted T Beam 2550 42
Ledge Beam 4,585 93
Rectangular Beam 4,494 125
Rectangular Spandrel 1,729 12
Solid Slab 73,325 416
Standard Tee 116,193 220
Stick Column 3075 75
Struct Insul Wall 156,532 523
Struct Solid Wall 37,749 158


429,801 1,861

For more information about this project contact Jeff  Holt or Scott Andreasen.