White Shield Public Safety

Location:White Shield, ND
Contractor:Woodstone Builders, Inc.
Architect:Brunton Architects & Engineers, Ltd.
Engineer:Albertson Engineering, Inc.
Owner:Three Affiliated Tribes of North Dakota

The Three Affiliated Tribes are making some big investments in a small town in central North Dakota. In just the last few years, a new school has been built, as well as a senior center, and currently Wells Concrete is working on a new 16,000 SF Public Safety Building, a new bus garage, and the new Ralph Wells Community Center.

“Now that White Shield has a brand-new school, the enrollment for K-12 is roughly about 150 students. We have a new tribal building here, a new elder building. We’re working on a new 20-million-dollar community building, which will mimic possibly a YMCA,” says Councilman Fred Fox.

Wells produced and erected more than 108,619 sq. ft of precast product for these three projects, the components included double tees and wall panels.  Named for its shape, double tees are an excellent choice in roof applications where a long, clear span is required such as in used in parking decks, swimming pools, gymnasiums, industrial building walls, and heavy loadings for floors or roofs. Double tees are plant-fabricated, which provides excellent quality control and speeds up the construction process.

Architectural insulated wall panels shape the exterior façade and showcase a mix of finishes including acid etch, sandblast, and waterwash, along with many intricate and unique patterns cast into the precast wall panel exterior face giving each building its own unique look. Wall panels are an energy efficient alternative to steel and masonry, providing a durable wall; manufactured with locally extracted, recycled materials whenever possible, making them the premier choice for any municipal project.

For more information on this project, please contact Amy Holliday.