Winner Regional Healthcare to get an expansion and remodel

Winner Regional Healthcare Center Expansion & Remodel

Winner, SD
General Contractor:
Wold Architects & Engineers
Winner Regional Healthcare Center


This $23 million project is meant to streamline services at the 70-year-old hospital. The main focus will be building a new clinic, emergency room, operating room, lab and radiology department, plus a streamlined registration area. Hospital operations are planned to continue during construction that will add 28,000 square feet and renovate 16,000 square feet.

Winner Regional’s existing facilities were designed and constructed in an era of health care delivery that was dramatically different from today and where it is headed in the future. An expansion and renovation of the hospital and its clinic facilities will allow Winner Regional to more efficiently deliver modern health care to those who depend on their services. The proposed facility changes will fully integrate the current best practices with an eye towards flexibility and expandability to allow the hospital to evolve with the ever changing delivery of health care.

To support the primary goal of improving the patient experience, the main focus of the project will be the construction of a new clinic, ER, OR, lab and radiology department, along with a streamlined registration area for the entire facility. The original 1947 building will be demolished to make room for new construction, while the old laboratory and radiology spaces will be repurposed to accommodate services currently housed in the 1947 building.

Regarding the expansion, CEO Kevin Coffey said, “We take great pride in our role of serving this community for over 65 years and are thrilled we have the opportunity to further show our dedication through the growth of our facility and organization.”

Wells Contribution:

Wells Concrete produced and erected more than 11,000 sq. ft. of precast concrete for the expansion and renovation project.  The members included 10’ wide insulated architectural wall panels with an acid etch and water wash finish as well as non-insulated wall panels with the same finish.

Product # Sq. Ft. / Ln. Ft.
Insulated Wall Panels 73 8,939 SF
Wall Panels 17 2,337 SF


For more information about this project, contact Jace Rossow.