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Centerpoint Parkade

Location: Hargrave Street, Winnipeg, MB General Contractor: Nova-Con Projects Ltd. Architect: Stantec Engineer: Crosier Kilgour & Partners LTD Owner: 310 Donald Inc. Precast Products: Spandrels, Double Tees, Wall … Read More...

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Moving forward on the Health Partners Neuroscience Ramp

HealthPartners Neuroscience Ramp   Location: St. Paul, MN General Contractor: Kraus-Anderson Architect: BWBR Engineer: Ericksen Roed & … Read More...

Great progress on Dickinson Middle School

Dickinson Middle School   Location: Dickinson, ND General Contractor: Mortenson Construction Architect/Engineer: DLR Group … Read More...

Box Lunches

Wells Concrete offers an AIA-accredited box lunch presentation for professional team members at architectural, engineering, or construction firms.

Click here to schedule a presentation for your firm or trade organization for continuing education credits.