Advocating for our youth

We believe that supporting growth and success for our youth creates a stronger foundation for our future communities. A few of our charitable efforts around education and enrichment include:

child's hands drawing with a marker
ROX project s.a.v.e. logo

Project S.A.V.E.

As one of the four founding members, Wells has been a long-time advocate and supporter of ROX | Project S.A.V.E., an organization that provides youth-related support services for over 30 communities throughout Central Minnesota. Greg Roth, our Midwest division President, serves on the board, guiding decisions on how donations can best support underprivileged youth through sports, arts, volunteerism and education activities. Wells is also the primary sponsor of the annual ROX / Project S.A.V.E. Clay Shoot Event, where we bring together industry partners to fundraise for Project S.A.V.E. initiatives. Most recently, Wells’ annual donation was used to award need-based scholarships to support recipients in their pursuit of higher education. Learn more at

colorado youth outdoors logo

Colorado Youth Outdoors

Wells’ Mountain States division has supported Colorado Youth Outdoors for nearly 20 years, acting as organizational ambassadors and advocates. Their mission is creating positive connections between parents and troubled teens through relationship-strengthening activities in the Colorado outdoors. Wells provides financial support and participates in a variety of different events throughout the year, culminating in the annual Maverick clay shoot. Learn more at

BIO girls logo

BIO Girls

Wells supports Biogirls, an organization with the mission to end the self-esteem crisis in adolescent girls across the Midwest. We believe that by intervening at a young age to build positive self-esteem, these young girls can go on to do great things for our communities and the world at large. Learn more at

Inspiring the next generation of innovators

Wells’ experts work directly with educators to challenge and guide the next generation of prefabrication and construction leaders. By working with educational institutions across the U.S. we offer students of all ages in-depth experiences working with prefabricated building solutions, helping them learn how to bring industry concepts to life. In addition to support at the K-12 level, our higher education design/precast studios allow undergraduate and graduate students to hone in on innovative design practices utilizing precast. In these courses, students are invited to design for real-life scenarios, developing intricate models of precast building solutions with various textures and lighting. Many courses also include a tour of a Wells manufacturing facility. Examples of our education support includes:

two students standing in front of their design contest submission
university of wisconsin milwaukee logo

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Partnering with the architecture school, our experts show students how to integrate prefabricated building solutions directly into their final semester project, leveraging the efficiency of using precast in their architectural design. This provides valuable knowledge as they start their design careers.

university of colorado denver logo

University of Colorado - Denver

At the University of Colorado, our Wells experts collaborate with an architectural graduate design studio, sponsored by PCI Mountain States. Recently, graduate students there worked in pairs to develop a submission for the nationwide Habitat for Humanity architectural competition. Wells’ team members mentored students as they prepared to design a precast project that could withstand unique weather across the country.

Additional studios and education support for these universities provided by our Wells team:

  • Colorado School of Mines – Golden
  • Colorado State University – Denver
  • Dunwoody College – Minneapolis
  • Iowa State University – Ames
  • North Dakota State University – Fargo
  • University of Colorado – Denver
  • University of Minnesota – Duluth
  • University of Minnesota – Mankato
  • University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Supporting our partners' passions

In addition to Wells-driven initiatives, Wells donates thousands of dollars each year in support of our building industry and construction partners’ local fundraising events, that in turn make a positive impact in our communities.

Men running a booth for event sign up and check in

Stewards of Earth's Resources

With a desire to limit our environmental impact, Wells is actively working on energy conservation, carbon reduction and waste management methods across all our facilities. In addition to these we support local efforts like Adopt-a-Highway and Habitat for Humanity to support a sustainable future for our planet.

Wells Carbon Reduction Initiatives

  • Our production facilities currently use fly ash, which reduces the amount of embodied carbon in our concrete mix by up to 10%.
  • We work with carbon capture companies that contain and recycle carbon dioxide gas generated by fossil fuel use. This reclaimed gas is mineralized into the concrete mix during production, permanently removing this carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
  • Wells recently retired three outdated production facilities, replacing them with new facilities that are more energy efficient and reduce raw material waste.
  • Our new cladding system, Infinite Facade, uses approximately 65% less concrete than typical precast spandrel construction in multi-story buildings. These lighter weight panels also help reduce the size of the structure needed to support the exterior enclosure, further reducing the overall embodied carbon impact.

We continue to look for new ways to make this a priority in our manufacturing processes and have dedicated research and development personnel tasked with further reducing the embodied carbon impact on our environment. Watch for Wells CEU training opportunities related to sustainable design and manufacturing.