Watch landmark projects unfold and learn how Wells works to help you succeed.

At Wells, we are a full-line prefabrication building solution company with multiple offices and six manufacturing locations across the U.S., giving us the capacity to provide solutions that help our partners and clients build faster.

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Wells Manufacturing Locations

We are Wells

We create and maintain a safe work environment for our people and partners; providing a sense of security in all we do.

We know our strengths and work tirelessly to exceed industry expectations, creating modern landmarks we are proud of.

We form honest, trustworthy relationships that help our partners thrive and offer our communities visionary solutions.

We find new ways to solve problems to deliver the best solutions.

Our work

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Family Partnership

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HOM Furniture

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Arden Hills Readiness Center

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Exterior of Twin Cities Orthopedics with empty parking lot and blue sky
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Twin Cities Orthopedics

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