Our sports and entertainment solutions provide safe seating for fans, structural support for expansive wide-open spaces and durable solutions that can handle high-traffic volumes. We’ve built some of the most recognizable entertainment complexes in the country. As part of your team, we care about the finished product and want to collaborate with you to provide not only the best value throughout the building and planning process, but the best project and visitor experience.

With rapid, year-round construction capabilities, no on-site storage of materials and renowned design flexibility, Wells building solutions are ideal for accommodating an accelerated construction schedule often required for new venues and entertainment complexes. Our building solutions require very low maintenance to ensure structures stand the test of time. The destination spaces we create together are durable, efficient and affordable.

Building landmarks together.

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We keep the entire lifecycle at the forefront when building a structure. Our collaborative approach can compress schedules, deliver cost and schedule certainty, accelerate the design-build process, reduce risk for the owner and optimize the design for prefabrication and efficiency.

Our clients expect facilities that can be used for more than just their basic purpose. In a world where efficiency is key, ensuring that sport and entertainment complexes are versatile is one of our top priorities. We understand what it takes to build a facility that creates an unforgettable fan experience with room for fields, stages and courts that are just as tough as the athletes and performers that play on them. We focus on designing structures that integrate the various needs of each facility.

Architectural innovation — inside and out.

Wells architectural building solutions bring a level of customization unavailable with other materials. Architectural facades and graphic treatments on wall panels offer endless options to add detail to any building and also deliver unrivaled strength and durability.

Meanwhile, on a building’s interior, prefabricated beams and columns used in conjunction with risers reduces column counts, providing wider open space for better views. Keeping the focus on the court or stage, where it should be.