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Understanding carbon reduction strategies

September 29, 2022 - 11:00 am CT / 10 am MT

Understanding and reducing our carbon footprint is at the forefront of designer and builder discussions regarding material selection and project impact. Identifying the net carbon impact, and subsequent methods for reduction can be a complex strategy to understand. Wells has teamed with national sustainability consultant Emily Lorenz, to walk you through understanding the life cycle of carbon in prefabricated concrete. Wells SVP of Quality, Steve Kloos and SVP / CSO, Kimberly Wacker will join the discussion to share how prefabricated concrete manufacturing is addressing the carbon neutrality challenge. Join us September 29th to learn more.

Precast design solutions: custom fabrication for K12

October 19, 2022 - 11:00 am CT / 10 am MT

An integral part of educational building design is providing a safe learning space. Precast offers unique and resilient structural and architectural solutions that not only provide protection, but also meet budget restrictions and ensure on-time completion. Even though these structures are built to be safe, it doesn’t mean they need to look uninviting; an evolving variety of finishes are creating modern K-12 school designs, that are woven into the fabric of their communities. Join us on October 19th and earn CEUs, as you learn more about specific design benefits and strategies related to prefabricated K-12 building design.

Designing unique facades with prefabricated building systems

November 16, 2022 - 11:00 am CT / 10 am MT

The world of architectural design continues to advance, with new and modern techniques introduced every year to shift the design landscape. With a wide variety of aesthetically versatile architectural finish options available, prefabricated building solutions are transforming ordinary buildings into works of art that create a sense of community pride. Learn about the limitless finish possibilities from formliners, graphic concrete™ and some of the newest finishes available that simulate terrazo and limestone or a stained metal panel appearance. Join us on November 16th and earn CEU credits while you learn about the range of resources and possibilities and with any luck, leave inspired to try something new in your next design.

Resiliency of Precast Graphic

Resiliency of Precast; Structural Durability and Recovery for Natural Disasters

June 14th - 10am MT / 11am CST

Building a landmark is more than developing an iconic design, it’s about creating a resilient and safe structure that protects those within while withstanding the elements. To create durable structures that easily recover from the elements or natural disasters, it’s important to balance the building system’s short-term and long-term durability, inherent protections and ability to recover. Join us to learn from Wells’ engineering experts on ways to enhance a structure’s resilience. Our CEU accredited webinar will walk you through how properly designed precast can stand the test of time.

May Webinar Graphic - Worker and Job Site Safety

Prioritizing Building & Worker Safety on the Job Site

May 18, 2022 - 11:00 am CT / 10 am MT

When it comes to handling large scale building materials and the construction site, safety is paramount. Keeping your project site safe is just an extension of our culture and company values. When we work together on creating a safe manufacturing and construction environment it creates a sense of security for the workers. Join our CEU accredited course to learn from Wells internal safety team how we follow ICC best practices and OSHA requirements to ensure the highest level of safety through the product life cycle, culminating in your job site.

Facades Webinar Graphic

All Things Facade

April 20, 2022 - 11:00 am CT / 10 am MT

The building envelop is the most difficult part of the building to design, with design teams expected to meet client and aesthetic expectations while meeting performance standards and regulations. Join us as we delve into design flexibility, high performance attributes, accelerated occupancy and much more.

Maintenance Webinar Graphic

Preventative Maintenance for your structure

Creating structures that last is important to deliberately planning for success. Whether its a 20 story high-rise or a parking ramp, maintenance is key to creating a structure with a long life-span. Join us March 16th to learn from our group of experts on what to look for, products to use, and why you should not delay maintenance on your facility.

Infinite Facade CE Strong Webinar graphic

Up close with design experts.

Helping our partners build confidence and think differently is our goal. Our design and industry experts share discuss all things facades. From sustainable solutions to reaching aesthetic goals, you can take advantage of the pre-engineered envelop solutions on your next project. Special guest Michael Bulander of HED shares his team’s success using prefabricated solutions.

Speakers: Michael Bulander, Dan Stenzel, Doug Bevier & Samuel Medina

Shaping the Skyline: A conversation with Infinite Facade™

Mortarr Conversations: Shaping the Skyline - A Conversation with Infinite Facade

October 21, 2021

Prefabricated facades are a resilient, flexible, and sustainable option that can reduce construction budgets and schedules by over 30%. Get an inside look at these exterior solutions from the brilliant minds behind Infinite Façade as we discuss constructability, eliminating design and project risk, and shaping the skyline.

Speakers: Dan Stenzel and Daniel Delisle