Whether you’re looking for a small health center expansion, a new clinic or a full-blown area hospital, Wells has prefabricated building solutions to meet your needs. Our team brings creative solutions that balance function, design and performance to create buildings that last.

Wells is a full-service design-build company, offering significant advantages that meet the needs of healthcare facilities. With the speed of construction, aesthetic versatility, durability and longevity of our prefabricated building solutions, you can rely on Wells to deliver a healthcare facility that meets your high standards and evolving needs of the healthcare industry.

The Wells difference.

Wells boasts a rich history and proven track record in the healthcare market. We have successfully delivered a multitude of healthcare facilities, demonstrating our deep understanding of the unique demands and complexities associated with healthcare construction. We’re well-versed in the stringent regulations, compliance requirements and cutting-edge technology that healthcare projects demand.

What sets us apart? With a dedicated team of experienced engineers, architects and specialists, we have the expertise to provide comprehensive solutions from design to execution.