Not all warehouses and industrial spaces are the same. Depending on operational needs, a structure’s design varies in numerous ways, from the vertical height to the layout to the incorporation of specialized features like temperature-controlled zones, mezzanines or advanced automation systems.

Whether you’re looking for structural systems, insulated wall panels or a total precast solution, Wells works alongside you to create a truly customizable industrial space for your needs, including options for future expansion.

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The Wells difference.

Wells has created thousands of warehouses and industrial spaces across the U.S. We provide unique building solutions tailored to the operational needs of industrial and warehouse facilities. Our efficient and resilient prefabricated building solutions stand the test of time, all while meeting the design flexibility and durability required of these building types.

Wells can provide it all: design, manufacturing, installation and preventative maintenance of your industrial space for life. Utilizing our in-house engineering team, we collaborate closely with you to customize structural elements to seamlessly support your intended operations. If future flexibility is desired, we can strategically minimize the number of columns within the warehouse for enhanced operational efficiency.

Wells prefabricated panels expedite industrial project schedules, installing faster than traditional building materials. Plus, the building solutions offer construction benefits by being manufactured in a climate-controlled facility to enhance quality while utilizing a just-in-time delivery method to eliminate waste at the site.

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Amazon DEN8

With the use of prefabrication, this 1.1 million sq ft warehouse and distribution center was able to be erected in only a few short months, allowing Amazon to move into the structure quickly, maximizing ROI.

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IBEW Chapter 9 Training Building

When IBEW Local Chapter 9 needed a building with expansive ceiling heights and large open spans to support electrical equipment, boom trucks, cranes and light poles, prefabrication became the perfect choice.

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Colorado Distribution Center

Along with manufacturing and installation of the wall panels for this 3.48 million sq ft facility, Wells’ Sealants and Restoration team played a large part in the project, providing sealants for all panel connections.

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Preventative maintenance for warehouses.

Warehouses and distribution facilities experience wear-and-tear around the clock, and as a large investment, they need to be protected. Wells Sealants and Restoration team provides customized maintenance plans for your structure to keep long-term operating costs down and structures looking and performing like new.

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