Whether you're building a new warehouse, expansion or other type of industrial structure, Wells offers unmatched reliable, efficient prefabricated solutions. Prefabricated building solutions are ideal for industrial and warehouse construction projects. They are long-lasting and durable, and can be installed faster than other materials for a smooth construction process. Wells aims to collaborate from conception to completion, offering flexibility of design needed to create your structure.

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Benefits of prefabrication.

Reduced Life Cycle Costs
Low maintenance and durability of precast allows the structure to stand the test of time.

Energy Efficiency
Thermal performance of Wells insulated wall panels results in a reduction in heating and cooling costs.

Accelerated Construction
Prefabrication allows for a quick construction schedule, getting your warehouse built faster.

Structural Versatility
Interior and exterior prefabricated elements support everything from roofs to mezzanines, raised walkways and other design features unique to your facility.

Fire and pest resistant, along with protection from harsh weather conditions. Prefabricated stairwells ensure a safe exit in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Aesthetic Versatility
A variety of surface textures and finishes help attract the visual attention your company deserves.

Noise Reductions
Quiet environments and excellent sound absorption compared to other building materials.

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Amazon DEN8

With the use of prefabrication, this 1.1 million sq ft warehouse and distribution center was able to be erected in only a few short months, allowing Amazon to move into the structure quickly, maximizing ROI.

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IBEW Chapter 9 Training Building

When IBEW Local Chapter 9 needed a building with expansive ceiling heights and large open spans to support electrical equipment, boom trucks, cranes and light poles, prefabrication became the perfect choice.

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Colorado Distribution Center

Along with manufacturing and installation of the wall panels for this 3.48 million sq ft facility, Wells’ Sealants and Restoration team played a large part in the project, providing sealants for all panel connections.

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Preventative maintenance for warehouses.

Warehouses and distribution facilities experience wear-and-tear around the clock, and as a large investment, they need to be protected. Wells Sealants and Restoration team provides customized maintenance plans for your structure to keep long-term operating costs down and structures looking and performing like new.

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