Wells building solutions are the optimal choice for repairing or building safe, long-lasting bridges, public works structures and noise barrier walls. By partnering with Wells, your projects will be completed faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

We take great pride in our working relationships with general contractors and state organizations to ensure the successful completion of infrastructure improvements. Our upfront collaborative approach allows us to navigate contracts and develop safe, solid solutions that meet rigourous quality standards.

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Minimizing impact using prefabrication.

Bridge and road rehabilitation and installation projects cause traffic disruption and safety concerns, while complete closures can adversely affect a local economy and add undue stress to residents. Because of our meticulous planning, and world-class production capabilities, we can reduce construction timetables from months down to weeks. Our prefabricated bridge solutions can be assembled onsite, with pieces delivered as needed, providing engineers and their crews with the flexibility needed for challenging projects.

Building a safer tomorrow.

Wells transportation solutions are structurally sound, safe and cost effective and won’t require constant maintenance and observation. As the industry leading experts in prefabricated building solutions, we know our products will stand up to constantly shifting environmental conditions with heavy traffic. From virtual design to installation, we will work with you to create legendary structures that stand the test of time, and in turn, build a safer tomorrow.

Featured Transportation & Infrastructure Projects

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ISU East Gateway Bridge

With an emphasis on a cost effective and durable design, prefabrication was used for most of the structure, including the walkway’s slab sections. See how Wells worked closely with the project engineer to overcome challenges for this landmark pedestrian bridge.

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Racine West 6th Street Bridge

Originally designed in 1928, this historic bridge underwent a recent transformation that preserved its historic elements and incorporated salvaged artifacts, ensuring it continues to bridge the past and present. Learn more about how Wells played a part in this project's revamp.

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I-94 and Rawson Ave Bridge

Construction crews used a Self-Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT) to move two prefabricated bridge deck sections into position in under 12 hours. The use of this rapid bridge-building model reduced the construction process from 6 months to just over 30 days.

Preventative maintenance for long-standing infrastructure.

Planning for the future of your local infrastructure can ensure safety and lower maintenance costs for every member of the community. With Wells, we can help you proactively create a preventative maintenance plan for your bridge, structure, noise barrier and more so you can worry less.

With over 70 years of experience and hundreds of infrastructure projects in our portfolio, Wells has learned how to maintain structures for a long, dependable life. Wells can be utilized as a one-stop-shop for the lifetime of your project.

Learn more about our Sealants and Restoration services.