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1. Design-Build Efficiency

Wells offers an efficient delivery model for your project, allowing design development, manufacturing and building construction to overlap, optimizing the schedule. With our prefabricated solutions manufactured off-site, it streamlines installation and reduces congestion on the site. Our in-house engineering team is available to discuss every detail of the design and bring value-add solutions.

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2. Aesthetic Versatility

Prefabricated building solutions can take nearly any shape or size, be manufactured in virtually any color and come in a wide variety of finishes. With our vast array of possibilities, your imagination is the limit. Structural precast allows for large spans and open space, reducing the need for columns and elevating designs.

See our architectural inspiration guide to see what’s possible with your next project.

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3. Accelerated Construction

Simultaneous prefabrication manufacturing alongside site and foundation work ensures that construction progresses rapidly, saving valuable months on the overall schedule. With prefabrication, construction can continue year-round, through all types of weather. The ability to begin other aspects of construction, such as mechanical work, curtainwall installation, windows, drywall, and more, while prefabricated erection is ongoing, enables a seamless and efficient workflow.

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4. Single-Source Building Solutions

By using Wells for design, engineering, prefabrication manufacturing, delivery, erection and sealants, we are providing a majority of the building shell, streamlining the coordination process. This approach minimizes risk for both the owner and the general contractor, as it ensures accountability for critical aspects of the project. Prefabrication allows for the use of a small erection crew, facilitating the rapid and efficient installation of the entire core and shell, resulting in reduced on-site labor hours and potential cost savings.

Image of maintenance workers sealing a high rise building

5. Low Maintenance

Prefabrication provides a long service life due to the durable, low-maintenance surfaces. The impenetrable exterior of a precast building can be left unpainted and will resist damage from the elements. Interiors are also less subject to damage and easier to wash, providing an ideal finish for USDA requirements. Prefabrication, when designed as such, provide for the opportunity to move and reuse panels to refurbish the building, rather than tear it down, should its use or function change. Wells also provides sealants, maintenance and restoration services.

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6. Environmentally Friendly

We satisfy a growing demand for sustainable design and construction with our prefabricated building solutions, sharing EPDs. Our building solutions stand the test of time and are completely recyclable, minimizing their lifetime impact on the environment. Wells is also focusing on advances in the manufacturing process to reduce carbon footprint. Offering inventive solutions like Infinite Facade™ to provide a lighter weight single-source prefabricated building envelope solution that simplifies the building envelope design, while reducing embodied carbon.

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7. Reduced Costs

Wells prefabricated building solutions are manufactured off-site, in a climate-controlled facility and are delivered ready-to-install when needed. This process minimizes safety concerns, limits site disruption, compresses project schedules, and gets trades in faster, reducing overall project costs by using a single source for manufacturing, installation and sealants. Also, a total precast solution requires no fire separations or fire walls which can cut costs.

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8. Sound Control

Because of concrete’s density, our building solutions absorb sound, and are an ideal choice for commercial and residential buildings. Our walls provide a buffer between outdoor noise and the indoor environment, while our Hollowcore plank floors reduce sound transfer between internal floors.

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9. Energy Efficiency

Operational costs associated with heating and cooling can be greatly reduced through our precast thermal mass benefits. Reduced peak heating and cooling loads can be achieved because concrete reacts slowly to changes in outside temperature. Wells insulated wall panels also provide a continuous thermal barrier to avoid temperature heating and cooling loss, while keeping cool air in during the summer and warm air in during the winter.

storm clouds and a wet concrete surface

10. Resistance to the Elements

Wells prefabricated building solutions provide superior resistance to fires, natural disasters, insects and mold. The resistance to wind damage, fire, floods, earthquakes, termites, decay, mold and mildew provides lower maintenance and insurance costs. As a separation wall, Wells building solutions help prevent fire from spreading from floor to floor or jumping from building to building, and has a flame spread rating of zero.

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Harness the benefits of prefabricated solutions.

Prefabricated architectural solutions, building enclosures and structural systems meet the high performance demands of buildings.

Design teams, owners and contractors look to precast building solutions as an affordable and efficient building solution. With its ability to integrate easily with other systems, Wells building solutions provide the versatility, efficiency, and resiliency needed to meet the code requirements and long term demands of high-performance structures that last a lifetime.