Prefabrication made simple.

Not sure where to get started with your prefabricated design? Join Wells Design Guide, Phil Thomas, PE (our Corporate Engineering Trainer), as he simplifies the complexities of prefabrication design. Follow along with Phil as he breaks down the building blocks to prefabricated design and shares design tips and tricks to support architectural and engineering design partners in efficiently developing design documents to bring projects to life.

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Episode 2:
Design & Engineering with Beams

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In this episode, Phil Thomas, Wells Corporate Engineering Trainer, covers helpful information on designing with precast beams and how you can utilize them in the design of your structure.

Beams play an important role in transferring heavy floor loads to their column supports and are critical to the overall load path of a structure. The topics covered in this video include:

  • Types of beams
  • Preliminary selection of beams
  • Design of beams for external loads and manufacturing considerations

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Episode 1:
Design & Engineering with Double Tees

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In this episode, Phil covers valuable insights on designing with precast Double Tees. Topics include:

  • Double Tee efficiency and prestressing basics
  • Preliminary selection of Double Tees for your structure
  • Design of Double Tees for external loads and manufacturing considerations

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About our Design Guide

Phil Thomas, PE, is a key member of the Wells technology integration team. As corporate engineering trainer, he establishes design standards to ensure accuracy and consistency in project delivery. He is a licensed Professional Engineer who has spent his entire career working in the precast industry and is passionate about synthesizing and instilling knowledge in others. His goal is to guide others in understanding the rigorous standards, and ultimately build confidence when designing with prefabricated concrete.