Explore how Wells works to challenge standard building philosophies and help you build better.

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Working with Wells.

Learn more about who we are and how our collaborative approach can help your next project succeed.

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Wells Design Handbook.

Extensive collection of design resources to plan your next precast project. Download product details, load tables, and specifications for Wells’ transformative building solutions.

Wells Building Solutions.

Building facade of architectural design

Learn more about our variety of precast building solutions for architectural needs, and the advantages they’ll help build into your next project.

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Be inspired by the projects we’ve helped transform with our wide range of aesthetically versatile architectural finish options.

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Sealants & Restoration
Whether you’re planning proactively for new construction or looking to restore, repurpose or extend the life of an existing structure, learn how Wells Sealants and Restoration team can help you maintain and protect your project.

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Sections of Infinite Facade standing vertically on a concrete platform.

Infinite Facade
Take advantage of prefabrication for accelerated schedules and budget certainty while providing design and aesthetic flexibility with our single-source building envelope solution.

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Unique advantages for your market.

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Whether you’re building a new corporate office, retail development, warehouse or data center, Wells solutions offer unmatched aesthetic versatility, efficiency and structural integrity for commercial and industrial facilities.

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Durable, resilient and designed for comfort, hotels built with Wells solutions provide a quiet and safe destination for guests to enjoy — so you can begin generating more revenue — sooner.

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Central to every community are its municipal and judicial facilities: fire and police stations, courthouses, city halls and public works facilities. Wells solutions enable you to build such structures to maximize their overall security, versatility, and cost-efficiency to serve your community better.

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Offering the highest reputation for structural quality, Wells solutions are at the head of their class in helping create safe learning spaces — from elementary and high school buildings to universities and new on-campus facilities — on your schedule.

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Multi-Family Residential
Balancing aesthetic versatility with structural durability, Wells solutions offer virtually unmatched flexibility when it comes to designing and constructing multi-family residential properties to help residents in your community thrive.

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Entertainment complexes and sports arenas are among the most popular and recognizable landmarks we’ve helped create. Wells solutions can give you the best building experience — from concept through concert performance.

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Parking Applications
Offering great protection from the elements, as well as enhanced safety for customers and employees, Wells offers a variety of low-maintenance solutions, ideal for your next parking structure project.

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Transportation & Infrastructure
Building safe, long-lasting roads, bridges and noise-barrier walls depends on using the highest quality building materials. Wells’ cost-effective solutions help ensure speedy, safe construction for infrastructure projects of any size or scope.

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