Building solutions for K12 and higher education.

Wells is an industry leader when it comes to education design and constructing teaching facilities, sports complexes, classrooms, dormitories, gymnasiums, natatoriums, auditorums and other education-related structures.

Whether for higher education or K12, Wells offers prefabricated building solutions that address the specific needs of learning institutions in a cost-effective manner. Offering year-round construction and fast-track building methods, Wells ensures projects are completed on-time and within budget so classes, sporting events and other programs can continue as scheduled.

The Wells difference.

With our extensive engineering team, Wells brings innovative education building solutions to support the design of expansive openings that bring natural light into learning environments, create resilient ICC 500 storm shelters, and support large open spans for gymnasiums, auditoriums, natatoriums and more.

By selecting Wells’ prefabricated solutions, schools can ensure long-lasting, low-maintenance interiors and exteriors, that are cost effective at project onset and over the life of the building. Additionally, Wells Sealants and Restoration team can be utilized to keep maintenance costs low and your facilities healthy.

Our building solutions offer excellent design flexibility, particularly with long, open spans that facilitate the creation of large, flexible learning areas, providing easy layout changes, and enabling schools to adapt their spaces as educational needs evolve. Prefabrication provides the versatility needed to match any design and create visually appealing spaces that inspire students and staff alike.

Wells provides exceptional preconstruction services, creative building solutions, and a level of professionalism that sets the industry standard for education design and construction.

Education market insights.

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Meeting the Challenges of K12 Design

K12 architectural designers are often asked to design facilities that are strong, efficient and sustainable, while also having to abide by an unyielding publicly funded budget. Explore Wells' insights into how architects today are designing K-12 schools using prefabricated solutions.

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Achieving ICC-500 Requirements

As more states mandate the ICC 500 standard, prefabrication has become a leading building solution. The resilience and speed of installation makes it a particularly attractive alternative for schools, residential, parking, warehouses and a host of other building types.

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How Prefab is Gaining Traction Over Masonry

Schools need to be built efficiently to accommodate class schedules and last for generations. Explore the rise of prefabrication over traditional CMU construction in educational projects, along with the benefits for owners, architects, engineers and GCs.

Featured Education Projects

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Augsburg University

This campus building addition harmonizes the classic look of thin brick with bold accent colors for a stunning addition to the college campus.

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Ceylon Campus

This Denver-based K12 school utilizes multiple colors with a variety of formliner finishes for a captivating exterior.

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Horicon Consolidated Campus

This project used prefabrication to easily incorporate colored stripes on the exterior to resemble school colors and local marshland areas.

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Preventative maintenance for long-standing education facilities.

Wells Sealants and Restoration treats every property as our investment, giving the special care and attention to detail that enhances value and helps reduce building operating costs so you can stay in budget throughout the school year. Whether you need us to create a cost-effective maintenance plan that you carry out or are looking to have Wells implement a custom plan for you, we’ve got the tools, expertise and talented team of trained artisan professionals to make it happen.

Learn more about Wells Sealants and Restoration team.