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Wells has an innovative training initiative known as the Engineer Development Program (EDP), aimed at cultivating well-rounded engineers straight out of college and preparing them for professional registration. The EDP kicks off with a stint in Field Services, offering young engineers a hands-on experience in assembling buildings and exposing them to various trades like excavation, underground utilities, flat work, steel, and masonry. This phase emphasizes real-world problem-solving and provides a comprehensive view of the construction process. Subsequently, participants move to the production floor, gaining insights into the intricacies of precast components and developing on-the-spot problem-solving skills.

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The program then transitions participants to the Drafting and Engineering world, encompassing flexural members, wall panels, cladding systems, and lateral systems. Interaction with Sales and Project Management departments facilitates exposure to architects, engineers of record, contractors, and owners. The approximately four-year rotation concludes with active promotion for engineers to sit for the Professional Engineer examination. While preference is for engineers to stay in the D&E department, the program encourages them to pursue areas they find enjoyable.

The final stage of the EDP delves into the design realm, incorporating knowledge gained from both production and field experiences. Design work progresses from flexural members to wall panel design, lateral analysis, and total system design. Upon completing the EDP, engineers are well-prepared for the PE exam and eligible for diverse positions within the company.

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Wells believes in the value of hands-on experience, making the EDP an integral part of their commitment to developing skilled and versatile professionals in the precast industry.

Don't take our word for it.

Hear from our team about their experience with Wells Engineering Development Program (EDP).

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My advice is to take in as much as you can during this program. Having a mental catalog of solutions to certain problems will be very useful when you're finally producing designs in the office. You'll realize very quickly the value of the time you spent in the field and in the plant.

Colin Murphy Design Engineer
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This certification will come with more responsibilities and opportunities to grow, learn, and experience new challenges as technology and codes evolve. It will also play a role in encouraging and mentoring Engineers-In-Training starting off in their new career.

Mark Madsen Engineer
april blaise headshot

Wells gives you the opportunity to prove yourself and advance in the company however you wish. Don't limit yourself, if you have ideas on how to improve things, people at Wells will listen. You have the ability to make a difference within the company more than you realize.

April Blaise Field Engineer
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The Engineering Development Program with Wells has shaped my career path by simply giving me a taste of the engineering world as a whole — from foundation to erection, the processes in between, and the people you work and collaborate with.

Lucas Waletzko Design Engineer
nathan scheidler headshot

Working at Wells has been very rewarding. We are given the freedom to work on what seems important as individuals. Seeing a project go from paper to being a finished building, and being involved in every step of the way really gives a sense of importance.

Nathan Scheidler Design Engineer