Albany, Minn. (June 17, 2024) – Wells, one of the largest prefabricated building solutions providers in the United States, has added Chief Legal & Safety Officer, Jennifer Jaskolka.

Safety is a mutually shared core value for Wells and Jaskolka who, together, are focused on creating a culture of excellence with encouraging environments where people feel protected and supported. In this role, Jaskolka will be instrumental in ensuring Wells operations are legally sound and safe by establishing a comprehensive strategic framework.

“As we bring Jennifer onto the Wells executive team, we see significant opportunities with her national experience, personable approach, and blended background,” said Wells CEO, Dan Juntunen. “As our company continues to grow, her role will be vital in ensuring our legal and safety standards continue to exceed industry regulations, set new benchmarks, and ultimately shape a safer and more sustainable future in construction.”

Before joining the Wells team, Jaskolka provided leadership for national companies, overseeing health & safety, diversity & inclusion, ethics, compliance, litigation, risk management and mitigation, and legal operations. She holds a law degree from the University of Nebraska and, after identifying a passion mid-career for safety, obtained a bachelor’s degree in occupational safety & health from Columbia Southern University.

“I am deeply passionate about maintaining safety and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards,” said Jaskolka. “I believe fostering inclusion and belonging in the workplace establishes the trust and transparency required to help everyone feel safe. With that foundation, our team members are more likely to bring diverse perspectives and challenges forward, and to engage in innovative problem-solving. As the Chief Legal and Safety Officer, my primary focus is building a best-in-class legal department and continuing the fantastic safety journey that Wells is already on.”

Giving back through numerous organizations during her career, Jaskolka is currently on the Board of Directors for ProsperBridge, Public Benefit Corporation, and Law School… Yes We Can!. She is also a Board Member and Practice Group Committee Leader for the Association of Corporate Counsel - Colorado Chapter.