Precast Shipping Trailers

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Precast concrete is poured in a factory and delivered to a job site. Moving heavy products and materials is essential to service our customers across the United States. To accommodate for the large materials, Wells has specialized trailers for shipping oversized and overweight pieces of concrete. For this blog I will describe each kind of trailer and how it is used.

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Flat trailer

A flat trailer is our most common trailer. Used for shipping most wall panels, columns, beams, and double tees. When a piece of precast does not fit onto this trailer we switch to a specialty trailer.

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Drop deck flat trailer

A drop deck trailer is for shipping 10’ wide wall panels and spandrels on edge. Also, if we are shipping three double tees on a single load we use a drop deck. Generally, panels for high rise buildings will be shipped on 45 degree racks or vertical on a drop deck trailer.

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Expandable trailer

An expandable trailer is capable of stretching from 48’ to 73’ long. This trailer is used for shipping walls, spandrels, columns, and double tees over 55’ long.

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IES trailers

IES trailers are a new type of specialized trailer used specifically to ship up to four IES wall panels vertically on one trailer.

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45 Degree rack

The 45 degree racks are used for shipping 12’ and 14’ wide panels that cannot be shipped flat. Generally, panels for high rise buildings will be shipped on 45 degree racks or vertical. The 45 degree racks attached to flat trailers or drop deck trailers.

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Pole trailers

Pole trailers are for shipping double tees longer than 75’ and can be used on double tees up to 110’ long.

With hundreds of trailers ready to use, Wells is prepared to ship any type of precast concrete building to your project.