After years of planning, construction for Essentia Wellness Center facility is well underway

Essentia Health Regional Wellness Center

Hermantown, MN
General Contractor:
McGough Construction
LHB Engineers & Architects
City of Hermantown

After years of planning, construction began this summer on a regional health and wellness center in Hermantown. The $25 million Essentia Wellness Center facility will include three key elements – a YMCA, a childcare center run by the YMCA, and co-located healthcare services provided by Essentia Health. It’s expected to see 1,000 visitors a day, and serve 60,000 people in the region.

Beyond providing healthcare in a clinical setting, Essentia will be offering wellness classes such as stress management, healthy cooking, and diabetes prevention. Meanwhile, the YMCA will go beyond offering exercise in a gymnastic setting. The group will connect people through outdoor experiences, swim lessons and leadership opportunities.

Addressing a critical need throughout the country, the YMCA at the Essentia Wellness Center will include a full-day licensed childcare center along with enrichment opportunities for older children.

The opening date is expected to be in the Fall of 2019.  McGough is the contractor, LHB the architect, and the city of Hermantown will own the building; Essentia and the YMCA will operate the facility through leases.

Wells Concrete produced and erected more than 50,000 sq. ft. of precast concrete for the new facility.  The exterior walls boast an acid etch and sandblast insulated panel combining both buff and charcoal colors.  Hollowcore and double tees were used in the floors and ceilings, while columns and beams aid in supporting the precast design.

Precast concrete structural and envelope systems meet the demands of healthcare and community buildings, providing aesthetic versatility, column-free interior spaces, and exceptional life-cycle performance. These buildings are often community show pieces, and precast concrete allows them to stand the test of time.

Precast lets architects and engineers integrate structural and architectural elements, which reduces materials, time and costs. On top of that, precast concrete is a very durable, low-maintenance building material designed to last 100 years.

Products Sq. Ft. #
Beam – Inverted T 103 ln. ft. 2
Column – Stick 59 ln. ft. 3
Double Tee 9,232 20
Hollowcore 18,113 271
Solid Slab 74 2
Wall – Architectural Solid 403 8
Wall – Architectural Insulated 13,360 81
Wall – Structural Solid 8,419 54
Totals 49,926 441


For more information about this project, contact Gary Pooley or Matt Schimmel.