Community Involvement

Wells participates in the communities in which our employees live. We also have a strong philosophy to participate in the charities and communities which our clients actively participate. We believe relationships extend beyond business.


 campcam Annual sponsor: Camp Cambria provides the opportunity for laughter and joy to the many children living with juvenile arthritis.



Studio Sponsor: University of Minnesota, Duluth Mechanical and Civil Engineering.

For the University of Minnesota Duluth, the focus will be on resilient precast. Ben Dymond of the Department of Civil Engineering will coordinate the program in conjunction with the Department of Civil Engineering, the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and the Master of Business Administration program. John Saccoman of Molin Concrete Products will be the industry champion for the program. This multidisciplinary educational program aims to combine the traditional approach to concrete engineering education with cutting-edge knowledge related to resiliency and business management. Traditionally, engineers learn the basics of concrete design, while possibly discussing precast concrete, but they fail to investigate why to choose precast concrete or how does resilient precast concrete fit into an organizational dynamic. This program will address those questions and others while challenging students to push the envelope of resiliency in precast concrete.



Studio Sponsor: Minnesota State University, Mankato Engineering and Construction Management Program.

Teaching future engineers, architects, and construction management about designing with Precast Concrete is a unique program funded by PCI Foundation. Precast Studios are collaborative education opportunities developed with leading universities with architectural and structural engineering programs.
Wells Concrete is affiliated with Minnesota State University, Mankato.

The program kicked off in the fall of 2014 as a collaboration between the civil engineering and construction management programs at Minnesota State University, Mankato and Wells Concrete. This project has five primary objectives, which focus on civil engineering and construction management undergraduate students, and on practicing engineers in the southern Minnesota region:

  • To provide undergraduate civil engineering students with a working knowledge in the materials, methods, and design principles of prestressed and precast concrete
  • To teach undergraduate construction management students the unique attributes of precast concrete, and to facilitate their ability to assess constructability, schedules, and cost estimates
  • To introduce both civil engineering and construction management students to BIM so that each recognize its benefits, particularly when the BIM is shared between the engineer and contractor
  • To serve as a resource for continuing education of professionals in both basic and advanced topics of precast/prestressed concrete
  • To provide faculty and students the opportunities to engage in meaningful research especially beneficial to the precast industry

In addition to having several upper-level courses that support the program, the school offers continuing education seminars on inspection of precast/prestressed concrete structures and fundamentals of prestressed concrete. The program faculty works in close collaboration with industry partners from Wells Concrete and the PCI Midwest.

 USC.2013#4906.Wells.MN Donation: United Central School in Wells, MN, Wells Concrete donated the precast concrete materials needed to build the stadium.  The district built the new facility following the passage of a referendum by taxpayers to fund the construction. But with a tight budget, local businesses chipped in to give the stadium a bit of extra special flair with the purchase of 840 Metrodome seats for $40 each. Wells Concrete was one of the business that contributed to the football stadium by donating the precast structure.
 opgrat  Donation: Operation Gratitude. We finished out the month of May 2016 collecting over $4,000 worth of items to donate to the troops for Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude is a group of volunteers that send Care Packages to Deployed Troops, their Children left behind, Veterans & Wounded Warrior




  Pod Cast: Two of our employees participated in a pod cast about MN State Mankato Studio for PCI. You can listen to it HERE.