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Wells Concrete invites you to join us for a guided tour of our mock-up sample building. As part of an intensive marketing campaign, we have constructed three Mock-up Sample Buildings to showcase our finishes and features capabilities. The 30’x10’ buildings are located at our facilities in Rosemount, MN, Albany, MN, and Grand Forks, ND.

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The displays are fully enclosed and comprised of eight different wall panels illustrating unique architectural finishes such as thin brink, acid etch, sandblast, form liners, and polished concrete. Various architectural and structural details such as mitered corners, sequential cast corners, roll cast corners, fully cast corners, unique reveals, accent bands, monolithically cast cornice, stone form liners and other features are available for your review. Structural details include detailing for three common roofing systems: double tee roof members, bar joist roofing systems, and hollowcore roofing systems. Another exciting feature on display is the newly introduced preinstalled Integrity Windows by Marvin.

You are invited to view these buildings and offer your perspective while earning CE Credits as Wells Concrete wants to take a proactive approach to better understand what the client community sees as a vision for precast applications. This campaign was developed to add value to the design and construction community by providing an even higher performance wall system solution. The only way to accomplish this is to brainstorm with our clients.

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Following your guided tour, we ask for your feedback in the form of a short survey to discuss questions such as:

  • What did you like about the mock-up display? Features? Finishes? Panels? Windows? Colors? etc.
  • What features or finishes do you not see as beneficial to the market place?
  • Of the attributes displayed in the mock-up, what would you be willing to pay for on future projects? What would you not be willing to pay for?
  • Did you see anything new or unique on the mock-up display that would make you more inclined to work with Wells specifically, or precast vs. other building materials?
  • What features or finishes did you not see that would make Wells more competitive against other precasters or other building systems?

After you have viewed the Mock-Up Building in-person or online, please fill out this survey to provide your feedback.  We appreciate your time!

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In addition to the tour, we would be happy to provide a Lunch and Learn, Plant Tour or Project Tour, depending on your time and interest.

Contact your Wells representative to schedule a time, or you use the “Schedule your Tour” link and we will follow-up with you to coordinate a date and time.

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