Expedite construction with Wells prefabricated stairs and stadia building solutions.

Prefabricated stairs and stadia are designed to streamline project timelines, enhance safety and ensure precision. These innovative building solutions offer durable, high-quality components that simplify projects from the start.

What are prefabricated stairs?

Precast stairs are an important building feature as the means of egress to enter or exit a building. They offer great durability, strength and reduce noise and vibrations. Installed as modular stacked units, they are also great for speeding up the construction process and giving early access to the structure at all levels, eliminating the need to provide temporary access.

What are prefabricated stadia?

Stadium risers, or precast stadia, are one of the leading seating-building solutions for entertainment venues and stadiums. Chosen for their vibration resistance, durability and low maintenance, Wells provides flexible stadia designs that support rise-over-run sizing requirements.

Flexible options to achieve your egress needs.

Wells can provide individual stairs and integral stairs (precast stairs that are cast monolithically with the landings), allowing for varying bearing conditions. We have multiple forms to manufacture stairs, allowing for different cross sections and rise-over-runs to accommodate varying shaft sizes.

For stadia, rise-and-run can be adjusted per individual units. Stadia are typically prestressed to allow for longer spans, reducing piece quantity.

Manufacturing prefabricated stairs and stadia in a quality-controlled environment.

Our individual stairs are poured flat on steel forms with varying modules. This helps ensure the walking surface maintains a consistent finish to increase durability for the walking surface over time. The screed face of the piece is typically hard-troweled to minimize variations along the span of the visible surface. Integral stairs are poured on their sides due to the complexity of their reinforcing.

huntington bank stadium stadia

Structural benefits of prefabricated stairs & stadia.

  • No need for temporary stair access during construction
  • Quick installation for faster access
  • Shaft layout flexibility