What is structural strengthening?

Structural strengthening involves reinforcing existing structures to improve their load-carrying capacity and overall performance. This technique can be applied in various scenarios, such as renovations or to support the addition of new equipment. For instance, in precast applications, carbon fiber is often utilized on double tee stems to increase load allowance. Additionally, structural strengthening is invaluable in repairing deteriorating beams and columns, where wraps are used to restore their structural integrity.

Wells’ sealants and restoration team provides comprehensive structural strengthening services to enhance the integrity and durability of your structures. The benefits of structural strengthening extend beyond immediate improvements. By investing in structural strengthening services, it will extend the longevity of your structures. Our solutions are designed to be long-lasting, minimizing the need for frequent repairs and enhancing the overall lifecycle of the building.

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Structural strengthening experts.

Wells has extensive experience with various types of structural strengthening products, including fiberglass, carbon fiber, epoxy and cement-based solutions. Our team of in-house engineers can design and calculate customized structural strengthening systems, delivering innovative and reliable enhancements to the integrity and longevity of your structures.

Structural strengthening service examples.

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Structural strengthening — Wells worked with this food manufacturing client to support as they upgraded facility mechanic systems on the roof. To support the increased roof load, we integrated Sika CarboDur S, a pultruded carbon fiber reinforced polymer laminate system that can strengthen concrete, timber and masonry structures.