Metro Self Storage

Location:Coon Rapids, MN
Contractor:Langer Construction
Architect:CNH Architects, Inc.
Engineer:TEKTON Engineers, LLC
Owner:Metro Storage

This new the three-story building will contain 1,084 self-storage units, adding to Coon Rapids’ industrial and storage building inventory.  Metro Self Storage, based in Lake Forest, Illinois is building this 138,000-square-foot self-storage facility on a 2.73-acre vacant lot in Coon Rapids, MN.

CNH Architects Principal Quinn Hutson said the project will integrate well with the surrounding mix of commercial and residential land uses. “With the very low traffic generation and activity, the use will be a good transition between the heavier traffic and activity of the commercial zones to the north and west and the residential areas to the south,” Hutson said.

Wells Concrete produced and currently erecting more than 40,000 sq. ft. of precast for this project.  Currently in week three of installation, the building facade includes insulated architectural wall with a mix of acid etch and thin brick finishes to add some color variety to the exterior.  In addition, solid slabs and structural wall panels complete the precast construction.

Product# PiecesSq. Ft.
Solid Slab166,684
Architectural Insulated Wall9437,137
Structural Solid Wall3433

For more information on this project, please contact Amy Holliday.