The intersection of US Highway 41 and 10 in Menasha, WI, is a vital junction within Wisconsin's transportation network. A new bridge was needed to enhance connectivity and ensure safer, more efficient travel in the region. Wells provided prefabricated bridge girders for the bridge. The project involved meticulous planning and execution, and prefabrication provided on-time delivery, durability and structural integrity — elements that are crucial for the longevity of the infrastructure.

Wells' prefabricated bridge girders played a pivotal role in seamlessly aligning with the project's timeline and specifications. Tailored to fit the unique requirements of the bridge, these girders not only expedited construction but also contributed to the overall resilience of the infrastructure. Their precise engineering and manufacturing ensured a smooth integration process, allowing for efficient progress while maintaining the highest standards of quality. This project speaks to the commitment to innovation and excellence in bolstering Wisconsin's transportation infrastructure for years to come.

bridge girders being installed