Load Tables

Hollowcore Load Tables

The tables list allowable live loads in pounds per square foot for uniformly distributed loading. Non-uniform loading conditions resulting from point loads, line loads, openings, and cantilevers require special design consideration.

The allowable load is sometimes governed by the ultimate capacity of the section. As a design aid, the ultimate moment capacities in foot-kips per foot of width are listed in the tables.

Short span allowable live loads for untopped plank may be governed by the shear capacity of the section. For topped plank, the governing criterion for short spans may be the horizontal shear stress between the plank and the topping.

Allowable live loads for long-span, heavily reinforced sections are limited to loads that result in a bottom-tension stress equal to the cracking stress, assumed to be 7.5√(F’)c. Loads beyond this limit may result in deflections that exceed the allowable value set forth in the ACI Code.

The load tables are based on a plank concrete strength of 6,000 psi. Tables for topped sections are based on a topping strength of 3,000 psi and a minimum thickness
of 2 inches.

Maximum spans and loads shown are not absolutes. Longer spans or heavier loads may be achieved under certain conditions or different criteria than assumed in the tables. Contact Wells Concrete for design assistance.