Revitalizing Milwaukee's History of Growth

Thanks to its prime location on the western shores of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee has long been recognized as a city of opportunity for economic growth. As a significant trade harbor, industries of all types flocked here in the early 1800s — from shipping to processing and manufacturing, Milwaukee quickly became a destination that enabled businesses to thrive and grow.

Though growth ebbs and flows throughout history, the past few years have been an exciting time for construction and development in Milwaukee. As one of the nation’s largest building solutions providers, specializing in prefabricated construction solutions, Wells is proud to be a partner in the redevelopment and revitalization of the M7 region, supporting new construction and business expansion on underutilized sites.

Some of our recent partnerships and projects in the area include Komatsu Mining’s new state-of-the-art headquarters and manufacturing campus in Milwaukee’s harbor district; the expansion of Milwaukee Tool’s headquarters in Brookfield; and a large new campus for ABB’s US Motion business. Together, these facilities not only highlight business success and expansion, but thousands of additional job opportunities to spur local economic growth within the next several years.

As businesses like these continue to grow, collaborating with prefabrication professionals can help create even more efficiencies throughout the construction process. Once a property or project is identified, companies with building expertise and a wide range of solutions — like Wells — add value from the outset, providing important leadership and planning to ensure the facility maximizes its potential.

Choosing a full-service building partner gives businesses a clear and operable timeline and trajectory — from project launch through production and utilization — and helps ensure access to the right solutions for unique business needs. By considering every facet of the project, new facilities can become a more cost-effective investment, as well as a lasting part of the city landscape and industrial legacy.

Helping our partners succeed builds on this city’s legacy as well as local pride — and economic opportunity — with every new project. Wells takes great pride in our own history of successful partnerships with architects, engineers, developers and owners in this city, and we look forward to helping strengthen the future through the new partnerships, progress and projects that lie ahead.

This article is originally published in MMAC Spring 2022 Milwaukee Commerce publication.