Senior Vice President of EH&S and DOT Compliance, Phyllis Felsinger, Retires After Over 10 Years with Wells


Wells, one of the largest prefabricated building solutions providers in the United States, has announced the retirement of Phyllis Felsinger from its executive team, where she served as Senior Vice President of EH&S and DOT Compliance Safety. Felsinger oversaw company-wide strategic leadership of employee safety, environmental, health, and DOT compliance programs.

Wells has a world-class safety culture that strives to achieve zero harm to employees, partners and visitors. Felsinger leads a team of seasoned safety professionals who educate and coach Wells team members on safety and health policies and procedures, oversee workers' compensation benefits, and ensure incidents are reported and investigated as required and appropriate, responding promptly to keep Wells and its employees safe and accountable.

Under Felsinger’s leadership, a heightened focus was placed on increased safety communication and awareness with behavioral-based observations including reporting of near misses and inspections as well as the formation of operations-based safety committees, educational toolbox talks, safety alerts, and enhanced tracking of safety metrics. Throughout her tenure, Wells experienced a downward trend in recordable incidents, with 2023 marking the safest year on record. During this time, the team assumed responsibility for DOT Compliance and further enhanced the company’s safety culture.

“Safety is a core value at Wells, and we are committed to creating and maintaining a safe work environment for all our people and partners,” said Dan Juntunen, President and CEO, of Wells. “We believe by making this our number one priority, it positively impacts employee health and improves performance throughout the organization.”

Felsinger spent over 30 years in corporate safety and human resources leadership roles, joining Wells in 2012. During her time, she successfully consolidated multiple regional approaches into one comprehensive safety process and introduced a behavioral-based mindset that focused on developing a measurable safety leadership program to enhance the organization’s culture.

Felsinger said of her transition, “I’m very proud of our people, they are experts in their field, and their contributions have made our safety vision into a reality. Wells is committed to maintaining a laser focus on safety and will continue to apply this to manufacturing and construction services to lead the industry in providing efficient and high-quality products and services to our clients and partners.” She intends to keep safety in her life with plans to write a children’s book to share the importance of safety at work, to educate and hopefully inspire future generations of Wells employees. She added, “I would be remiss to not acknowledge my family, everything I achieved in my career would not be possible without their love, support, and understanding along the way.”