Working Remotely

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Working Remotely - A Silver Lining from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Since March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic meant upheaval and disruption to just about everyone and their normal routines. State mandates that shuddered non-essential businesses and imposed mask and social distance requirements caused many companies and their employees to re-vamp their approach to conducting business. Fortunately, Wells  and its employees were able to adapt to the required changes, and one such adaptation was the ability of certain employees to perform their jobs remotely. Schedules were managed, customer needs were met, and employees found ways to maintain effective communication.

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During the pandemic, some jobs required employees to report to a plant and/or jobsite. Other employees were able to perform their jobs remotely. For example, our drafters/CAD Technicians, engineers, accounting, sales, and project management employees were able to effectively work remotely with enhanced information technology tools, including videoconferencing and access to key files through our VPN.

Now that the pandemic is largely behind us, Wells – like other companies – is returning to normal. One change, however, is the adoption of a remote working policy. Because our employees were able to effectively navigate the day-to-day requirements of their jobs remotely, the Company is standardizing remote work protocols and expectations. The remote work program has many facets, but basically Wells is encouraging employees who can work remotely, and who would like to work remotely, to do so on Mondays and Fridays. This approach promotes flexibility with the expectation of maintaining the business results and effectiveness we saw during the pandemic. Also, employees reporting to their Wells  work location on Tuesday through Thursday maintains the in-person interaction with co-workers that results in group problem solving and enhanced camaraderie.

Wells' new remote working policy is a direct result of employees effectively responding to an unforeseen event, finding a way to “make lemonade out of lemons”. The policy will bring more flexibility while maintaining a high level of performance.