Using BIM with the AEC community

In the last ten years, the Architect/Engineer/Contractor (AEC) community has begun to drastically change how it develops projects.  The tools that are available to them are many, but the one constant that is shaping how projects come together is 3D modeling.  Using 3D modeling for project development and information sharing is known throughout the community… Read more »

How early in the design process should I involve my precast consultant?

One of the unique things about architectural and structural precast concrete is that almost no two pieces are the same.  They may look similar or even identical on the exterior but inside they have different reinforcing or structural connections that are unique from piece to piece.  Because of this every precast project is custom and… Read more »

“It’s all in the details…”

  Wells Concrete’s client services, in concert with our engineering teams and project managers, excel at developing solutions to the most challenging designs. Economic, functional and aesthetic goals are the project team’s road map to success – early and close coordination with architects and engineers lead us to a clear understanding of the owner’s vision.… Read more »

Cast-In Electrical

Did you know Wells Concrete casts electrical boxes in our wall panels? With the help of our on-staff master electrician, drafting and project management departments, Wells coordinates with the general contractor and electrical subcontractor to locate and install electrical block-outs that would typically be surface-mounted on both the interior and exterior of precast panels. One… Read more »

Live Long and Prosper

A saying made famous by actor Leonard Nimoy in his portrayal of Mr. Spock in the Star Trek movies and TV series.  Unfortunately, all too often we experience (or we watch our loved one’s experience) serious illnesses that can undermine the “Live Long and Prosper” goal.  Even more unfortunate, many of these illnesses are due… Read more »

Did You Know?

DID YOU KNOW: Reinforced concrete is the only building material that is highly resistant to both water and fire. The original use of concrete has been traced back to ancient Egypt. Now-a-days, construction companies are using scented form release agents to impart a pleasant smell in concrete, the most famous being bubble gum. Court Avenue… Read more »

3D Printing

Wells Concrete has started to use 3D printing to help drive down forming costs, which in turn helps us offer the most cost-effective panel we can to the owner.  The 3D printing is sourced from an outside vendor per the project specification and design team criteria.  Since these forms are lead time items, we meet… Read more »

Terracotta and Precast

In recent years, there has been a renewed interested in using terracotta tiles to distinctively beautify exterior façades. Terracotta is a type of ceramic tile made from red and brown clays unique to the quarry location. The raw clay material is shaped into the desired clay tile sizes and then is allowed to dry, then… Read more »

What is Hollowcore?

Here at Wells we receive many different questions about our hollowcore. Below you will find several of our most frequently asked questions. Take a look and see if you can learn something new! What is hollowcore? Hollowcore is a prestressed, precast element with formed concrete tubes running the length ways of the piece. Wells hollowcore… Read more »

Creating Safe Structures

Dangerous and deadly storms are happening all too often.  As we clean up Mother Nature’s devastation, talk inevitably arises of how to best guard against future destruction.  There’s a simple answer that is being used to create safe new structures: precast concrete.  With components that include insulated walls, hollowcore plank, beams, columns and double-tee slabs,… Read more »

Lessons Learned

After recently completing the Whole 30 diet  – I have come to personally appreciate the difficulty of comprehending what is in the products that you buy and their effect on you.  Even when you are given that actual ingredients it is almost impossible to understand what they are, where they come from, and what impacts… Read more »