Best Value: the Low Price is not always the Right Price

When deciding on which precast subcontractor to use it is not only the low number that needs consideration, it is the overall best value provided by your precast subcontractor of choice. This methodology of thinking should start playing a role in the construction industry to ensure the owner is getting a project team that works… Read more »

Changing the Precast Concrete Dynamic

    Whatever you call it – Teaming or Design Assist, the advantages of collaborating with and involving Wells Concrete early increases your project’s chances of success. Quick to get involved, Wells Concrete is accountable to the Owner / Developer, Architect, Engineer and General Contractor.  Wells assists everyone, including ourselves, in managing risk while we… Read more »

The Benefits of Partnerships

In times like these, everyone needs more partners. Most people know that it’s hard to accomplish anything without having partners. We all understand that we need friends, families, communities, and coworkers to help us along. In times of great uncertainty, like now, it’s much easier to manage with a little help from our friends. A… Read more »

Employee Wellness – Continuing to Avoid Medical Catastrophes

It is worthwhile to briefly set aside our (understandable) focus and concern with the COVID-19 pandemic to see how the Wells’ employee wellness initiative is doing. As a reminder, we were watching first-hand the heartache and sorrow that serious illnesses impose on people and their loved ones/co-workers.  The serious illnesses were also exacting a hefty… Read more »

Look up and smell the concrete

At a recent topping out celebration, I had one of those moments. There I stood watching the final beam go into place and checking another one off the list. Projects a plenty; more than I can remember. Provided for my family in ways I could never have imagined. Some days I feel like I’m looking… Read more »

Concrete Advantages

What are some of the advantages inherent in Concrete you should know about when choosing building material for your next project? Lower embodied energy – it take less energy to produce concrete than steel. Moldable – can be molded into any shape/size. Energy Savings thru the use of thermal mass in concrete Water Resistance –… Read more »

Insulated Precast Concrete Wall Panels

Insulated precast concrete wall panels have all the benefits of traditional precast such as durability, acoustic absorption, and quick install, in addition to the added bonus of being an all-in-one complete building enclosure system. These panels are ideal for high durability applications such as schools, gymnasiums, natatoriums, and industrial structures. Insulated panels can be designed… Read more »

What is the difference between precast concrete construction vs. traditional construction?

When comparing traditional construction versus precast concrete construction the biggest difference is time; precast construction can save you time on-site. Precast construction typically works heavily with the design team in early stages of the project development, and these efforts up front will save time and money for the overall project schedule in the long run. … Read more »

Addressing the Challenges of Today

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, developers, owners, and contractors alike are finding it increasingly challenging to secure funding on new and current projects.  Some borrowers are being forced to fund the beginning stages of the project up front while jumping through hoops to finalize their loan. The pressure is then passed on to the general… Read more »

Finishes and Features: Formliners

Evidence of the first structures that were built using concrete trace all the way back to the Roman Empire. Since then, architects and engineers have developed new techniques when using this material to create architectural masterpieces. Concrete’s fluid form allows it to be easily poured and molded into any shape imaginable, which encourages designers to… Read more »

Offsite Construction

Our world has been turned upside down by a health pandemic, and as the construction industry evaluates how to safely and efficiently move forward, surely off-site construction will be at the top of everyone’s mind. And good news, there is no need to look any further than the precast concrete industry, which has always provided… Read more »

Increase Productivity with Precast

In an industry that sees around $10 trillion spent on related goods and services each year, construction still manages to fall behind on productivity when compared to other sectors. Scheduling, high costs, quality concerns and safety all impact our ability to increase productivity, but off-site production and prefabricated systems help solve all of these problems.… Read more »