What is the difference between precast concrete construction vs. traditional construction?

When comparing traditional construction versus precast concrete construction the biggest difference is time; precast construction can save you time on-site. Precast construction typically works heavily with the design team in early stages of the project development, and these efforts up front will save time and money for the overall project schedule in the long run. … Read more »

Addressing the Challenges of Today

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, developers, owners, and contractors alike are finding it increasingly challenging to secure funding on new and current projects.  Some borrowers are being forced to fund the beginning stages of the project up front while jumping through hoops to finalize their loan. The pressure is then passed on to the general… Read more »

Finishes and Features: Formliners

Evidence of the first structures that were built using concrete trace all the way back to the Roman Empire. Since then, architects and engineers have developed new techniques when using this material to create architectural masterpieces. Concrete’s fluid form allows it to be easily poured and molded into any shape imaginable, which encourages designers to… Read more »

Offsite Construction

Our world has been turned upside down by a health pandemic, and as the construction industry evaluates how to safely and efficiently move forward, surely off-site construction will be at the top of everyone’s mind. And good news, there is no need to look any further than the precast concrete industry, which has always provided… Read more »

Increase Productivity with Precast

In an industry that sees around $10 trillion spent on related goods and services each year, construction still manages to fall behind on productivity when compared to other sectors. Scheduling, high costs, quality concerns and safety all impact our ability to increase productivity, but off-site production and prefabricated systems help solve all of these problems.… Read more »

Concrete Structures… Built Tough!

Concrete has several advantages over traditional wood/organic structures. A major one is that concrete structures are inedible to termites and rodents. Organic building materials (such as timber) have the potential to be the perfect habitat for termites – where there is moisture and wood, you will almost always find termites nearby. Although they are as… Read more »

Is Virtual Client Relations the New Normal?

In just three months, client interaction has experienced sweeping changes.  Prior to the current pandemic, face-to-face interaction was a common way of communicating within the construction industry – with architects, engineers, owners, subcontractors, etc.  In our “New Normal” how much face-to-face interaction is necessary?  Many businesses are learning that it is far less critical to… Read more »

The Art of Selling

We talk and talk and talk about products (benefits & features) and the company (services & capacities) but, what really makes the sale is all about the “Art of Selling”.  How to attract and engage our customer/clients with back to the basics.  We have websites, tours, webinars and box lunch seminars to educate (products &… Read more »

Total Precast Concrete Office Buildings

Many do not realize the number of total precast concrete office buildings in the Minneapolis Market area.  So why are talking about this topic?  Rocky Mountain Precast in Denver, Colorado has recently brought into the Wells Concrete Family.  The Denver market has been very successful in utilizing total precast structures and, in particular, total precast… Read more »

Standalone Parking Structures

Precast concrete is the premier building system for parking structures. Precast concrete is a high performance material that integrates easily with other systems and inherently provides the versatility, efficiency, and resiliency needed to meet the multi-hazard requirements and long-term demands of high performance structures. Precast is Versatile – Precast provides an incredible array of aesthetics… Read more »

Top 10 Quality Control Items

Top 10 Items Checked and Verified by QA/QC during Production of Concrete Wall Panels The quality control process is very important in the production of concrete. Quality checks are done to ensure that concrete panels meet PCI (Precast/Prestress Concrete Institute) standards for high quality aesthetics and structure. During a typical day there will be hundreds/thousands… Read more »