Standalone Parking Structures

Precast concrete is the premier building system for parking structures. Precast concrete is a high performance material that integrates easily with other systems and inherently provides the versatility, efficiency, and resiliency needed to meet the multi-hazard requirements and long-term demands of high performance structures. Precast is Versatile – Precast provides an incredible array of aesthetics… Read more »

Top 10 Quality Control Items

Top 10 Items Checked and Verified by QA/QC during Production of Concrete Wall Panels The quality control process is very important in the production of concrete. Quality checks are done to ensure that concrete panels meet PCI (Precast/Prestress Concrete Institute) standards for high quality aesthetics and structure. During a typical day there will be hundreds/thousands… Read more »

Safety First – Precast V Timber

Safety is at the forefront of our thoughts these days – not just because of this new global crisis we’re all facing, but all of the normal, everyday dangers we face as a people: hurricanes, fires, tornados, floods, bombings, the list goes on. Fortunately, concrete construction is one of the safest ways to build in… Read more »

Total Precast Makes Business Sense

Often times with design and construction businesses, the people that make up the companies are very task oriented and therefore the companies themselves become task oriented. If you let them know what needs to be done, they will accomplish it to the best of their abilities and to the highest quality, as soon as reasonably… Read more »

What’s all the noise about precast?

Precast concrete is incredibly dense, and the process used to create it makes it denser than other concrete options. This density is why it is used in many walls and privacy construction elements for large-scale construction as well as sound walls around communities that may face a highway. Precast concrete’s density effectively reduces sound and… Read more »

Total Precast is the Solution for General Contractors

As a General Contractor, meeting or exceeding your schedule is one of the main goals to making the project a profitable success. One of the best and most resourceful ways a general contractor can do this is by working with a total precast system. Working with precast concrete structures improves the construction schedule in a… Read more »

I have a project that includes minority and disadvantaged business participation requirements – Now What?

So I have a project that includes minority and disadvantaged business participation requirements. Now what do I do? At first glance this can look like an overwhelming task. Although the requirements for individual projects can vary based on a number of things including the funding mechanism, it has actually become easier to identify and communicate… Read more »

Total Precast in Building Structures

Generally, the “go to” building systems for structures from two to eight stories is either steel or poured in place concrete.  However, use of total precast for buildings of this size is more common in some parts of the country like Denver and South Eastern United States.  Total precast means that the stairs and stairwells, elevator… Read more »

Collaborating to Develop

In recent years Wells Concrete has developed and tested items outside typical precast.  This has been driven by our own desire to go beyond just providing precast to providing building solutions.  Additionally, input from the voices of our customers notes that a frequent problem spot in buildings is intersections where components from different trades meet.… Read more »

Thermal mass and Energy Savings

Thermal mass is the ability of a material to absorb and store heat energy (Thermal Sponge). A lot of heat energy is required to change the temperature of high density materials like concrete, which is therefore said to have high thermal mass. Lightweight materials such as timber have low thermal mass. Due to its density,… Read more »

Bear vs Bull Market

Since the first of the year the DOW is down approx. 15%.  Almost every day in the investing world, you will hear the terms “bull” and “bear” used to describe market conditions.  The direction of the market is a major force affecting all industry.  Therefore it is important to understand the difference between bear and… Read more »