Precast for Owners

In any format, the advantages of precast benefit every member of the construction team, but especially the owner, whose goals are always paramount. Speed to market is one of the largest benefits to the owner.  With precast construction the amount of time the construction team is onsite actually building can be reduced since all precast… Read more »

Finishes and Features: Formliners

Wells combines the economy of architectural precast concrete and the artistry of formliners to shape unique architectural façades. Since concrete’s invention by the ancient Romans, designers have imagined ways to use this material to create architectural masterpieces. Because of concrete’s fluid form, it is easily poured and molded into any shape thinkable. One way Wells… Read more »

Create Tall, Open Interior Spaces with Precast Concrete

Wells concrete offers several different solutions for tall open interior spaces. Hollowcore Plank Hollowcore plank is a lightweight, durable solution to creating a large open interiors. It provides solutions to everything from tornado shelters, roof decks, mezzanines, and garage floors and ceilings.  Sections come in 8”, 10”, and 12” deep – 8” being the lowest… Read more »

Design Assist: Think outside the box – the architectural precast concrete box

There’s no need for you to know everything about precast.  The key to successfully creating a structure using architectural precast concrete is to bring in an expert producer/erector early in the design development phase. There are a lot of variables for a designer to consider during a project’s conceptual or schematic stage that affects aesthetics,… Read more »

Shiny new objects

As an architect, I am always interested in new finishes that can help add depth, texture and color to a structure.  The wide variety of exterior finish products that are in today’s marketplace is almost unlimited.  So too are the details and products used in their installation. When on a jobsite, I cringe when I… Read more »

A Blog About Blogs

Tis the season to take a break and reflect back on Wells Concrete Blogs of 2018.  Wells published close to 30 blogs during the past year discussing the attributes, advantages and future of precast concrete to help inform and educate our readers and followers.  My blog will highlight what I thought was this year’s Top… Read more »

Pulling into first with new finishes and features

Concrete finishes have come a long way in a short period of time. For those producers who really care about their clients, it is important to step up and meet the challenge of providing the finishes those clients want and can use to beautify their structures. Today, finishes range from standard water wash and acid… Read more »

Communication is the Key to Accuracy

Communication is a critical piece to any successful business.  As I mentioned in my last blog, communicating clearly with internal and external clients is so important for our days to run smoothly.  Did you catch the key word there?  The key word is:  clearly. Maybe you’re in a meeting with a team and you think… Read more »

Let’s Break Stuff – Full Scale Testing

Precast Innovators is not just a slogan, we live it every day. With eighteen engineers, both professional and EIT’s we can design, produce and build any precast/prestressed building. Seven of these engineers work full time on process improvement and product development; creating innovation in all departments. Why dedicate so many resources to innovation? To make… Read more »

Remember, Wells still makes double tee wall panels

In the fast-tract construction world we live in today, designers, contractors and owners are looking more and more at precast concrete wall panels to shorten the time to completion.  When they think of precast concrete wall panels their first thought is to flat wall panels because of the unlimited architectural shapes and finishes they can… Read more »

Can Precast Go the Distance?

Often the height of buildings using precast, whether for cladding or structural purposes, will be low enough where the height of a single wall panel or column can cover it. But what about when the height of a structure is beyond what a single wall panel or column is able to do, due to shipping,… Read more »