Qualified Producer

Seems when the economy booms businesses get busy with lead times getting longer and longer. The economic boom also spawns new start -up companies or established companies trying new systems to get into the game in hopes to get their share of the pie. So how does one select a qualified producer?

Get references, do your homework on the makeup of each system (i.e: how is the product made (prestessed vs precast), uniform insulation thickness, use of solid zones (thermal transfer), do they deliver consistent schedules, do they deliver consistent quality).

There is more concern about the environment today than ever in previous years, meaning do producers have an environmentally friendly way of producing and finishing panels? How is the air and ground water protected?  It is up to you to ask questions and get educated on the differences of each system. Don’t assume everyone is equal! Once you commit to a specification make sure it is followed.

Spencer Kubat
Vice President – Sales/Marketing