Maximized Security; Minimized Enclosure.

Veridian offers an exceptional parking experience built with durable building components. The parking deck built within an apartment complex on the former Motorola Campus, in Schaumburg, IL. Unique to Veridian, tenants have a simplified accessibility to their vehicles due to the apartment units built directly around the deck. This design creates a 384- lot parking area with maximized security and minimized enclosure, all while enhancing an open concept feel. Tenants can feel at ease while accessing their vehicles no matter the time of day, while giving the exterior an advanced aesthetic appeal.

The application of Wells’ building solutions provides a complete structural support to Veridian. Wells installed wall panels to provide stability and a structural framework for the facility. Surrounding the precast parking deck, wall panels serve as excellent sound transmission properties for all tenants, creating a quiet environment. An advantage of precast wall panels is the speed of erection. The rapid installation process was key in the building decision making process. Wells delivered and installed building solutions over the course of four weeks, consisting of beams, columns, double tees and wall panels.

As a new development on the 200 plus acres at land, The Veridian boasts a premier, luxury residence and parking that prioritizes safety, without sacrificing aesthetics.

The Element at Veridian Aerial
Parking at Veridian
Parking at Veridian