A vibrant, growing community.

Elk Ridge Elementary School in Bismarck, ND, is a much-anticipated addition to the Elk Ridge development and Bismarck Public School District, which has experienced rapid growth in recent years. The expansion of this community led to larger class sizes and longer commutes for many students, prompting the construction of this new school. Elk Ridge Elementary is strategically located in northwest Bismarck to address these challenges, aiming to provide a solution that not only eases the burden of transportation but also ensures smaller class sizes for students throughout the district.

The school's design is inspired by the contemporary housing in its vicinity, making it an attractive and cohesive addition to the neighborhood. Elk Ridge Elementary features 24 classrooms, including 2 PreK classrooms, 2 music rooms and various specialized spaces to accommodate a wide range of educational needs. This allows the school to house a total capacity of 500 students, ensuring that as the residential development continues to grow, the school can adapt and expand without the need for portable classrooms. Additionally, the school has separate playground areas for both lower and upper elementary students, along with ample green space, providing a vibrant and engaging environment for children to learn and play.

Meeting design aesthetics with prefabrication.

The school design includes innovative design features, notably in the use of formliner with different mixes on each panel. The architectural wall panels consist of block formliner on the bottom and a random rib pattern at the tops of panels. The striking combination of charcoal and white in the two-part panels create a visually appealing facade for Elk Ridge Elementary. Working with two-part mixes and ensuring they are correctly created presented its own set of challenges, especially considering the need to turn the form daily during the manufacturing process.

Elk Ridge Elementary and Silver Ranch Elementary were constructed simultaneously and share an identical footprint and overall design. However, they each bear their unique character and charm through distinct exterior features. Together, these twin schools stand as a testament to the commitment of the community to provide exceptional educational facilities while celebrating the diversity and individuality of their neighborhoods.