An enhanced guest experience.

The Island Resort and Casino in Harris, Mich., provides an enhanced experience to their guests and customers through art and well thought out expansion. Putting visitors needs first was paramount in executing a $30 million expansion, approved by the Hannahville Indian Community Tribal Council.

Maximizing square footage motivated the creation of an addition which connects to the south end of the already existing 12-story Palm Tower. In addition to the new lobby, the facility consists of 100 new hotel rooms, a high-end dining venue and convention space on the top floor and a new pool with a water park, all in addition to the three guest elevators and lobby.

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Harmonizing new with old.

Precast’s enhanced finish options aided the structure’s appearance by providing a match to the existing design of the building. This project in particular used acid etch and sandblast finishes; the perfect solution to the challenge of matching aesthetics.

This total precast concrete project used both architectural and structural precast concrete components combined to create the entire building envelope system resulting in speed of construction, flexibility in design and aesthetics to match existing hotel.

The insulated wall panels were engineered for both structural integrity and aesthetics. The panels are an energy-efficient alternative to steel stud and masonry, providing a durable exterior envelope while maintaining the cultivated look of the original buildings.

Proper planning and preparation builds success.

One of the key benefits our team offered for this project and partnership began in the pre-construction and planning phase..

The owner, designers and construction team were looking for a cost-effective solution to build a new hotel and water park in record time while maintaining a tight budget. 

During the preconstruction process, Wells provided multiple solutions and configurations in which the building could be constructed along with budgets and schedules for each proposed design.

The structure provided long spans and open spaces without the need for interior load bearing walls or columns. The Infinite Facades building envelope system provided an all-in-one prefabricated wall assembly, including pre-installed windows and drywall ready accessories.

Simplifying the building envelope.

The complete building envelope system includes preinstalled windows into the Infinite Facade panels. The building envelope meets or exceeds energy and code requirements and utilizes a standard frame and connections, all while giving the design team complete flexibility.

Preinstalling the windows in our manufacturing facility allowed the work to be completed within controlled conditions, increasing the quality of installation and accelerating enclosure schedules.

The Hannahville Indian Community, owner of the Island Resort and Casino, has undertaken hundreds of millions of dollars of construction in the past twenty years.  Wells is the best company we have worked with over the years. The project had a start date, end date and budget for the first phase. Wells started on time, closed the building on time and was in budget. In fact, the closing of the building put our general contractor twenty-two days ahead of schedule for phase two.

Tony Mancilla General Manager, Island Resort and Casino