Creating safer roads to enhance our communities.

Locals of Wisconsin and the surrounding area are familiar with the Marquette Interchange which underwent a four-year complete rebuild to provide a more efficient traffic flow, and better safety to those driving on it every day.

Key to success of the Marquette Interchange Project, meticulous planning was paramount. An ongoing challenge WisDOT and the project team faced was minimizing the disturbance and impact to those who utilized this popular area, thus limiting the impact to downtown businesses.

Prefabricated building solutions were chosen for many reason but primarily because of time and cost efficiencies, which allowed concrete bridge girders to be installed quickly. Minimization of traffic noise allowed for the use of decorative wall panels as a sound barrier

Wells supplied more than 300 bridge girders, weighing almost 15,000 tons in total. In addition to the bridge girders, Spancrete provided wall panels, which are being used as an attractive and sturdy erosion-control and sound absortion solution. Self-consolidating concrete (SCC) was used for the wall panels, a first for WisDOT. It leaves a flawless finish, ideal for intricate architectural elements.

Reconstruction of a highly traveled interchange, required minute by minute planning and delivery schedule.

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