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BRIGHTON, CO – Wells Concrete, one of the top five precast providers in the U.S., announces the grand opening of its new office and production facility in Brighton, CO. This state-of-the-art manufacturing facility will enhance current capability, flexibility, and increase capacity with long line prestressing forms for the Denver market. Wells is consolidating the two existing facilities at 5801 Pecos Street and 301 W. 60th Place in Denver, CO into the new Brighton location.

“Combining the power of these two plants into one provides a unique opportunity to deliver the highest levels of structural integrity and architectural finishes to our customers.,” said Dan Juntunen, President and CEO of Wells Concrete. “In addition, our ability to maximize capabilities developed by Wells Concrete and Rocky Mountain Prestress, as well as driving future innovation in building systems, will be greatly enhanced.”

Over the years, Wells has made a concerted effort to be an innovative leader in the construction industry, pioneering efforts toward growth and expansion to better meet the needs of communities across the nation. In January of 2019, Wells acquired Rocky Mountain Prestress, an integral part of the Denver business community for 60 years and brought them into the fold as part of Wells Concrete’s corporate vision.

“Wells is a family-owned company in its fourth generation with a long-term view of business relationships,” said Sam Nesius, Chairman of The Wells Companies. “This exciting project takes the Wells Companies from a regional company to a national brand, demonstrating our commitment to our national customers. The Brighton facility is the newest precast facility in the country, and the investment we’ve made in technology will keep Wells at the forefront of innovation in the precast market.”

Office and Production Facility

The new 122,673 sq. ft. total precast facility sits on 64.5 acres of land and showcases the unique innovation and engineering of our internal teams as well as our partnership with PCL Construction, KL&A, and Davis Partnership Architects.

Nearly 300,000 sq. ft. of precast is incorporated into the office, manufacturing and batch plants. The three-story office façade boasts acid etch and formliner finishes in a light grey concrete mix. Integrated enclosure system (IES) lightweight wall panels were used on the west side of the office building and formliner-insulated spandrels over the rest of the office exterior. The elevator shaft boasts black concrete formliner wall panels with illuminated Wells logo signage.

The production facility was designed to be very versatile in order to meet the demands of Wells’ clients. The inventory of forms has increased and can be moved around to fit the needs of any given project. Many of the new forms are long line with prestressing capability for economy and efficiency. This year-round manufacturing facility will produce all architectural precast indoors while using the outdoor forms for structural production. The lifting capacity moved from 15-ton cranes in the previous plant to 25-ton cranes in this new facility, providing the opportunity for additional products of various sizes, higher volumes, a more responsive turn-around, and higher quality. The operations space also includes locker rooms and a lunch area for plant employees.

All of Wells’ Denver employees and departments will relocate to the new Brighton facility beginning mid-May, 2020, located at:

2145 East Crown Prince Boulevard
Brighton, CO 80603
303.480.1111 Phone | 800.658.7049 Toll Free

“This project will launch Wells Concrete into the future, far beyond what I realized we could do with the functionality of a new plant – it’s night and day from what we have had in the past,” said Doug McCarthy, Director of Operations for Western Division. “The project will position the company for strong growth and industry leadership, bringing increased capacity and efficiencies that enable us to serve customers better now and in the future.”

The economic impact that Wells Concrete will have on the Brighton community is substantial and positive; the new facility will add jobs to the Brighton economy as the facility continues to grow into its full capability. Along with the relocation of existing employees, the development of the new facility will result in an initial capital investment of over $45 million. The challenges of vacating the legacy facilities, opening the new production facility, and meeting all of its customers’ demands are wide and varied. Wells has been in this position before and has always met the expectations of customers, employees, and shareholders.

“Wells is very proud of this new facility and we extend our thanks to everyone involved in both Wells East, Wells West, and all of our partners who have brought us to this point,” said Mike Hemberger, Chief Operational Officer Western Division. “Wells Concrete looks forward to serving our regional building community as well as being a community member in Brighton.”

Wells Concrete

Wells Concrete is one of the top five precast providers in the U.S. The company designs, manufactures and installs structural and architectural precast solutions. Wells holds to a high standard, offering superior products, impeccable customer service and a better overall value than the competition. With four manufacturing facilities capable of producing identical products, Wells maintains a flexibility to meet schedule demands and minimize risk, while still delivering consistent product quality.

The company has played an integral role in the construction of Denver International Airport, the Village Center Station Buildings I, II & III, One Belleview Station, Colorado Center Tower 3, 169 Inverness, Starz Encore, and numerous total-precast office buildings throughout the Denver metro area. Wells provides innovative, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to its customer’s design-build challenges.