The process of selecting an architectural precast mix and finishing

There are many different architectural finishes that come into play on specific projects. It’s important to work with our customers in the beginning stages of each project to make sure that their vision becomes a reality. Below are the steps Wells takes to making sure the desired architectural mix and finish comes to life.

  • 1’x1’ samples with architectural mix design and desired finish are approved by architect/owner.
  • Larger scale mock ups are produced as a better representation of what the architect/owner will want to see onsite.
  • The production process is monitored and inspected by Wells QC, coupled with Architectural finishers ensuring the desired results are met.

1’x1’ samples:

There are many architectural mixes that can be used on our projects. Our sales team works to make sure the mix design that is picked will make the owners happy as well as satisfy all the needs internally, ensuring the production process will work smoothly. Included with our mix designs, our sales team will also work on architectural finishes with the design team. These finishes include sandblast, acid etch, water wash, brick, smooth, polish and graphic paper. There are also different depths to our sandblast, acid etch and water wash finishes, which give each mix design a variety of colors and textures to choose from. Once the sample is approved, we have our fingerprint to match for the next step of the architectural finish process.

Larger Scale Mock Up:

Mock up size and detail are all dependent on the difficulty of the project. Most projects will require a single 4’x4’ mock up to be made, when others will need something more elaborate. Wells QC and Architectural finishers will use the 1’x1’ sample to make sure both the mix design and architectural finish matches and meets the expectation of the design team. We also make sure to make a replica of each mock up and keep at our manufacturing facility. Once ready and internally approved, we will deliver the mock up for review. Once approved by the design team and owner, we are ready for production.


After each panel is produced, it gets stripped from our forms and moved into our finish building. Our QC staff and architectural finishes are constantly working to make the panels match the quality of the architectural finish that was shown on our mock up. Once completed, our QC gives one final look and if it meets our expectation, we are ready to store the panel until the product is ready to ship to the jobsite.

All in all, this process has worked very well in making sure that the architect and owner’s vision of their project has been met. For any upcoming projects, please reach out to a Wells sales team member to help start your project in the right direction.

Scott Andreasen
Project Manager