Meeting ICC 500 design requirements.

Each and every ICC 500 storm shelter is unique – from location, dimensions, uses and more – and every difference impacts the design. Our team is well-versed in the requirements necessary to design a safe storm shelter and answer the critical questions when engineering and building a structure to last. Consult with Wells from the very beginning. We have the expertise to:

  • Advise on structure placement when analyzing adjacent building hazards.
  • Offer a range of pre-top and post-top roofing options.
  • Design and manufacture products for ideal openings, strength, layout, and more.

Prefabricated storm shelter benefits.

The characteristics and properties of prefabricated concrete building materials are ideal for ICC 500 storm shelters due to their unique and resilient structural integrity. Solid, windowless panels allow for safer gatherings with enhanced security. In addition to its strength, prefabricated concrete can benefit a shelter by:

  • Providing wind resistant up to 250mph.
  • Protecting against fire with a 2-hour fire resistance rating.
  • Lowering the cost per sq ft for building materials.
  • Enhancing the structure’s thermal performance.
  • Permitting a shallower section than a steel structure.
  • Accelerating construction.

In addition to structural, budget and schedule benefits, Wells prefabricated architectural and structural solutions are versatile and offer a virtually endless array of colors, finishes and textures to achieve your aesthetic goals easily and cost-effectively. A new addition can effortlessly be matched to the existing building. Wall panels can be used as the structural and enclosure system simultaneously – ultimately saving material usage, time and money.

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The Wells difference.

Wells has completed over 60 storm shelters in the last 10 years and understands the engineering requirements to achieve a comfortable and safe haven.

Allowing Wells to be your building solutions provider results in a total engineered system for your severe weather shelter. A variety of products are available to support various span and layout scenarios – with unmatched flexibility that won’t compromise the design and aesthetic of the building. Our expert team is well-versed in the requirements necessary to construct a total precast shelter and support every aspect of the project.

Featured ICC 500 Storm Shelter Projects

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North Fire Station

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Maple River K12

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Sherlock Elementary