An air barrier is a crucial component of the building envelope that prevents the uncontrolled flow of air into and out of the structure. Wells sealants and restoration team provides sheet-applied and liquid-applied air barrier solutions to effectively stop air infiltration, ensuring a tightly sealed building enclosure.

Our air barrier services prevent issues such as mold, moisture and humidity, ensuring a healthier environment for building occupants. That’s why every detail matters in creating an impenetrable barrier. Our technicians adhere to manufacturers’ recommendations for installation and detailing, paying special attention to common areas for air leaks, like corners, windows and other building envelope breaks.

Air barrier expertise.

Wells utilizes air barrier products from reputable manufacturers and will recommend the right product to fit your structure’s needs, whether it’s sheet- or fluid-applied barriers, or non-permeable and vapor-permeable applications.

Understanding building systems, detailing, preparation, temperature considerations and access difficulties are essential when incorporating air barriers into the building envelope. Our team is professionally trained and is constantly at the forefront of industry advancements through our membership with the Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA).

Air barrier service examples.

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Application of air barrier on wood — by installing spray-applied air barrier on new wood construction, it improved the resilience and long-term waterproofing of the structure.

If you’re looking for reliable, comprehensive air barrier solutions that safeguard your building and improve its longevity, contact us today.