A growing school district.

Denver Public Schools is eagerly anticipating the grand opening of its newest addition, the Ceylon Campus, in August 2024. Nestled in the heart of a thriving and burgeoning community in the Far Northeast of Denver, this state-of-the-art elementary school reflects DPS's commitment to fostering a well-rounded education with a special emphasis on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics). By integrating arts and music into its curriculum, Ceylon aims to provide students with a holistic learning experience that nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

The Ceylon Campus is Denver's first all-electric school, making purposeful strides towards fully-sustainable operations.

The campus's striking design showcases its commitment to innovation. With a distinctive V-shaped structure, the steel-framed building incorporates Wells wall panels and spandrels, presenting a vibrant and dynamic exterior of a variety of colors and three different modern formliner finishes. Many of the spandrels frame large, open doorways. In addition to providing the panels and spandrels, Wells is providing all the joint sealants for the project.

The Ceylon Campus will undoubtedly become a beacon of educational excellence in the region. As it opens its doors to students from ECE to 2nd grade in 2024, the school's commitment to expanding one grade per year promises a bright future for learners seeking a top-notch STEAM-focused education in Denver.

Wells Sealants and Restoration provided a comprehensive range of services beyond the prefabricated building solutions, including joint sealants, anti-graffiti coating, expansion joints, and waterproofing. To support the installation, joint sealants play a critical role in establishing secure connections between precast members, effectively minimizing the risks associated with moisture intrusion and structural damage. Expansion joints were also strategically implemented to prevent cracking and other potential damage in response to slight movement within the panels. Along with below-grade waterproofing of the foundation's exterior, serving as a proactive measure to halt water penetration and mitigate potential future issues.

Treatments were also applied to the prefabricated concrete to enhance performance; a water-repellent concrete sealer, enhances overall durability by preventing water infiltration, while anti-graffiti coating was carefully applied over the cleaned panels post-installation, as a safeguard against vandalism, for quick and easy removal in the future if necessary.