Coborn’s is a rapidly growing grocery store chain with locations in Minnesota and South Dakota. The employee-owned company is proud of their fresh low-price offerings and is continuing to expand into surrounding areas. Coborn’s partnered with Wells on cost-effective and quick construction building solutions for their Buffalo, MN location.

The walls of the structure are comprised of Wells’ composite panels, allowing the interior and exterior walls to act as one in terms of structure while providing insulation and an exterior architectural finish. The majority of the building features white block formliner siding, while the backside of the building is an unassuming cream-colored sandblast finish. The entryways showcase thin brick and formliner mimicking wood paneling, adding color and appeal to the high traffic areas of the grocery store. Prefabricated concrete shortened the overall onsite construction schedule, expediting ROI for Coborn’s in creating another high-quality location for the Buffalo community.

front view of coborns with sign